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Fortune is changeable and yesterday’s leader is forced to give up his place on the podium, unable to withstand the competition. Back at the end of 2018, some online publications predicted that the young and promising exchange Digifinex would soon come very close to the number one Binance. Today, observers’ predictions have become a reality. The crypto platform Digifinex not only caught up with, but also overtook Binance in the coinmarketcap ranking.

True, she has not yet managed to climb the first step. But it made it to the top three in terms of trading volume in 7 days. Those who have not yet worked on the exchange should pay attention to it, this is one of the safest and most stable platforms for selling cryptocurrencies.

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features of the exchange

Registration on the exchange

Digifinex, an Asian-oriented exchange, launched its official website in Russian relatively recently. Probably, this contributed to the increase in the number of users.

Official site –

registration window

How to create an account, instructions for beginners:

  • Open the first page of the official site of the digifinex exchange and click «check in».
  • Please enter your email address.
  • Create and confirm a password.
  • Click “Send OTP code”, Please note its validity is limited.
  • Put the puzzle together to make sure the system is not a robot.
  • Go to the mailbox, open the letter of the digifinex exchange and copy the digital code.
  • Enter the code in the appropriate field of the form and click Submit.

entrance to the exchange

If everything is in order, you will see a message about successful registration and will be redirected to the login page. Enter your email and password and click “To come in“. Complete the puzzle and the system will redirect you to the user profile marked with the letter “I”.

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service benefits

Personal Area

basic account information

The user’s personal account contains:

  • financial information;
  • data on trade operations;
  • digifinex verification and security settings;
  • information about the affiliate program and received awards.

wallets on the platform

You can enable the “Use DFT to Pay Fees” option to get a 25% discount, come up with a nickname and provide a phone number.

linking an account to a number

Do not neglect the security of your account, enable 2FA and check the url every time you login. Or download the digifinex exchange app on your PC or smartphone, so you will definitely not be taken to a phishing site.

Account verification

If you are satisfied with the daily withdrawal limit of 1BTC, you can skip verification on digifinex. Please note that in this case, you are not allowed to make trading operations on the exchange for an amount exceeding 1 bitcoin.

identity indication

Customers are advised to go through digifinex identification for unlimited token transactions. The platform’s website has automated the verification process, in order to submit documents, you must:

  • Download and install DigiFinex APP.
  • Select “APP to login”. In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
  • Go to “Account Security” – “Identity Authentication”.
  • Indicate gender, first and last name.
  • Select the type of certified document (passport, identity card, driver’s license).
  • Enter the document number, click the “Next” button.
  • Upload photo of ID card in JPG, PNG format, up to 2 MB in size.
  • Take a selfie while holding an open document and a sheet of paper with the inscription and the current date in your hand.
  • Click Confirm.
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After the download is complete, wait for confirmation. Verification will be completed within 1-3 business days.

balance replenishment

Account replenishment and withdrawal of funds

The digifinex exchange does not support fiat money and does not work with exchangers selling altcoins for dollars or rubles. Buy or earn cryptocurrency before funding your digifinex account. After that, you can start replenishing your deposit on the digifinex exchange.

  • Log in to the DigiFinex website or application and click “Top up account».
  • Select a coin from the list and click Generate deposit address.
  • Copy the received address or scan the barcode and transfer from your crypto wallet.

Pay attention to the size of the minimum deposit specified in paragraph 3, under the address. If you send an amount less than the established minimum, it will not be credited and the money will be lost.

The table shows the minimum input and output of popular cryptocurrencies.

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Coin Deposit Output Commission
for withdrawing funds
BTC 0.0001 0.0001 0.0003
USDT 10 10 5
ETH 0.01 0.01 0.006
ETC 0.5 0.5 0.1
LTC 0.1 0.1 0.003
NEO 1 1
EOS 0.1 0.1 0.1

balance replenishment

To withdraw money from the exchange:

  • click “Take off»;
  • select a cryptocurrency and specify the shipping address;
  • click Submit and confirm the output.

Bitcoin transfer address

Do not forget about the minimum threshold, if there is not enough money in the account, the transaction will be canceled.

How to use the exchange, indicators for trading

To perform trading operations go to the section “Trade“. In addition to traditional trading within the platform, digifinex allows OTC transactions in cryptocurrencies: USDT, BTC, ETH. To buy or sell coins directly, click OTC.

buying cryptocurrency


Those who have already exchanged cryptocurrency on any exchange will easily navigate the digifinex interface. On the left is a list of trading pairs, in the middle is the rate chart and below it is a form for creating an order, on the right are order books. The only difference is the display of your balance, for the selected exchange pair, in the lower left corner.

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chart for trading

How to trade

Limit and market orders are available on the digifinex exchange. The number of coins is indicated by moving the slider above the field “Amount“. In a limit order, you specify the limit buy-sell price, and wait until the order is executed. Or, immediately make a deal at the market price using the appropriate order type.

Digifinex commission for cryptocurrency trading

The maker’s commission is 0% for coins from the Main Board and 0.1% for the Innovation Board. Taker commission – 0.2%, there is a system of discounts for users who pay the commission with DFT exchange tokens and for VIP traders.

commission table

Advantages and disadvantages

At first glance, the digifinex exchange is nothing special. But a high place in the rating of trading platforms speaks of its popularity among cryptocurrency holders.

Positive sides:

  • High level of security.
  • Large selection of altcoins.
  • System of discounts for large traders.
  • OTC trading support.
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Negative points of work:

  • Quite a high commission fee.
  • The support service understands only English.

However, for VIP clients on the digifinex exchange, trading duties are quite acceptable, and if your English is poor, then use a translator.


reviews about the exchange

Despite the great success, the Digifinex exchange has not yet received an assessment on the analytical service CryptoCompare. You can read different reviews about digifinex on social networks, but complaints may belong to newcomers who have ended up on fake sites. The hype raised around digifinex by the bitcointalk forum has already subsided.

It is difficult to say whether it will be able to remain in the top three for a long time, but digifinex attracts with its stability, convenience and simplicity of the system.

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