Top 5 Overclocking Nvidia video cards For Crypto Mining

Top 5 Overclocking Nvidia video cards For Crypto Mining

Check out these Top 5 Overclocking Nvidia video cards and that you can use to increase your performance when trading cryptocurrency.

Overclocking is a forced increase in equipment data in order to increase its performance. In the case of a video card, its performance directly depends on 2 parameters: the clock frequency of the graphics processor and the clock frequency of the video memory.

Overclocking has its own followers and opponents. People who consider overclocking in current circumstances to be useless. What does overclocking currently provide? In a good half of the cases, the increase in productivity is approximately 15-20%, i.e. there were 30 fps, it became 34-36. Not the biggest increase, however, firstly, you get this growth for free, and secondly, smaller and older modifications in the line. In addition, there are especially successful copies of cards for overclocking, and the performance growth of overclocking can go up to 50% or more. You can consult about the selection of cards for the purpose of overclocking in various forums.

It is known that Nvidia is in demand for mining due to its design features.

Overclocking Nvidia video cards

NVIDIA overclocking software has many advantages:

  • Obtaining compressed data on the properties of the video card based on NVIDIA,
  • Monitoring of frequencies, GPU voltages, temperature and cooling system activity, with the ability to fix it,
  • Independent run for any degree of performance
  • Change the voltage of the GPU,
  • Setting a fixed fan speed on the card,
  • NVIDIA driver profile editor versions 256.ХХ and later,
  • Manage the degree of efficiency of the video card depending on the add-ons.

What do you need to know about overclocking video cards?

What you need to know about overclocking video cards

Acceleration of a video card involves a procedure in which the modification of the current characteristics of the instrument’s activity is performed, thereby increasing its efficiency. Having overclocked a video card, it is possible to lower the degree of temperatures and voltages in the network, to achieve stability of its operation, to improve the quality of video card parameters. It is also worth monitoring the health of the video card cooler fan, because interruptions in its operation may indicate an increase in voltage, and an increase in processor temperature may also occur.

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You can absolutely overclock any card not only by increasing the numbers in the BIOS, but also by replacing some radio components on the board. But more often, when they talk about overclocking, they mean the classic overclocking of the processor and video card, a little less often – overclocking of the RAM.

At the moment there are three main ways to overclock video cards:

  1. Applying video card drivers (AMD, NVIDIA).
  2. Applying special development manufacturers (ZOTAC, ASUS, MSI).
  3. Special utilities (Riva Tuner, Power Strip, etc.).


Overclocking utility Rivatuner is a program

Overclocking utility Rivatuner is a program designed for users of video cards based on NVIDIA chips. As you know, there is a huge number of similar software, the purpose of which is to configure both the video card itself and its drivers.

RivaTuner is the # 1 mechanism for the owner of the card based on the NVIDIA graphics processor.

From the significant list of abilities we emphasize:

  • Acceleration of the video card through the driver as well as direct access to the hardware,
  • Cooling system control,
  • Setting video modes and screen refresh rates, including creating a monitor driver for Windows using its PnP information,
  • Creating a detailed report on the characteristics of the video card, Direct3D and OpenGL driver capabilities, AGP bus mode, monitor,
  • Real-time monitoring of frequencies, temperatures and voltages of a video card, operation of the cooling system,
  • Measurement of FPS, processor load and video memory usage in games and applications,
  • Managing the work of the AGP bus both through driver configuration and directly,
  • Transformation of some GeForce game series cards into equivalent Quadro professional cards,
  • Unlocking disabled GPU units of the GeForce 6X00 family,
  • Wide possibilities of creating profiles for launching games and applications with the inclusion of driver settings, overclocking, color schemes, video mode settings in a profile,
  • Russian language support for interface and help,
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The program may also be necessary for owners of cards based on ATI graphics processors (overclocking modules, property views, forecast, driver driver scripts to unblock disabled conveyors and special abilities).

MSI Afterburner

Currently, you can find a variety of programs for overclocking a video card. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The best overclocking software is called MSI Afterburner. Download MSI Afterburner absolutely free.

MSI Afterburner

Expanded functionality includes support for AMD Radeon solutions, changes in the power supply voltage of the GPU and video memory, automatic tracking of 2D / 3D mode switching using profiles, and simple adjustment of the video card cooling system adjustment depending on temperature.

It also supports the creation of overclocking profiles with the application by pressing the “hot key”, monitoring frame rates in 3D applications and displaying indicators in the overlayed on-screen menus and system tray. The program can work with video cards of any manufacturers, although some functions are made primarily for branded MSI video cards.

System support:

  • Operating system Windows XP / XP-64 / Vista / 7/8/10,
  • Video card based on NVIDIA GeForce 8X00 or AMD Radeon 3X00 and newer,
  • Installed NVIDIA or AMD driver.

GTX 1060 Overclocking

The GTX 1060 is one of the latest graphics processors released by Nvidia.

GTX 1060 overclocking

The GTX 1060 6Gb contains fairly large drain frequencies, but the fascinating one starts already after overclocking a video card. In accordance with the GTX 1050 Ti, the GTX 1060 has an amazing overclocking potential.

Acceleration of the Nvidia video card using MSI Afterburner allows expanding the memory up to 4700 Mhz (+925 Mhz), in turn, this increases the hashrate when searching for Ethereum to 23.7-25 MHS / sec. At the same time, the power consumption at work increased to 120W. The video card can be overclocked and more, the main thing is to follow the process of mining, because with a strong overclocking it can lose stability.

Overclocking GTX 1070

Excellent overclocking potential and more affordable price made the GTX 1070 an interesting product for miners. In order to understand how to overclock the Nvidia 1070 card, you can familiarize yourself with the overclocking of an earlier model, because they have similar characteristics.

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Nvidia System Management Interface

Nvidia System Management Interface

For Nvidia graphics cards, the Nvidia System Management Interface (Nvidia-smi) is a command-line program, which is considered to be the usual and efficient method of managing and predicting an Nvidia GPU. With the support of Nvidia-smi, you can, for example, adjust the power status of a video card, get auxiliary power from a video card that is not functioning in its highest performance mode, while mining cryptocurrency, without resorting to overclocking it.

Using the Nvidia System Management Interface (nvidia-smi) utility, you can force your GPU to work in P0 mode (highest priority), instead of the default setting for working with Compute applications in P2 mode, which allows you to increase your mining speed.


Indeed, overclocking video cards has positive sides. This could include energy efficiency, acceleration of work.

How To Overclock Your GPU – The Ultimate Easy Guide 

But still powerful overclocking can cause a computer to overheat. In his work will become detected glitches, and instead of quickly performing with the operation, the PC will behave in literally the opposite way – to slow down and hang. In especially serious situations, components can go completely out of the mode. In order to eliminate these problems, manufacturers introduce special protection: when the threshold for overclocking is exceeded, the PC simply stops running in order to protect the system. Therefore, the type and capacity of the cooling system is necessarily provided.

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