Transparency and Trust – Essential Elements for Digital Marketing

Transparency and trust - essential elements for digital marketing

Three major brands have announced participation in a blockchain pilot project developed by Jicwebs. Nestle, McDonald’s and Virgin Media want to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of digital commercials with the help of technology.

The project will run for the rest of the year and will assess how blockchain / DLT technology can help address the trust, transparency, and inefficiency issues facing the online advertising industry.

Transparency and trust in the advertising industry

Jicwebs has collaborated with Fiducia, a technology company in London, to develop an advertising monitoring system. The Zenith, OMD UK and Manning Gottlieb OMD agencies, which promote Nestle, McDonald’s and Virgin Media, joined the project.

The next steps of the study will seek to optimize supply chains and operational efficiency.

The online advertising industry has been affected by transparency and trust issues. Earlier this year, Marc Pritchard, head of the Procter & Gamble marketing department, urged the industry to create a new digital ecosystem. He acknowledged that brands are highly dependent on data and intimidated by algorithms.

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If this project is successful, Jicwebs hopes the advertising industry will adopt it on a large scale next year.

Kat Howcroft, McDonald’s senior manager, said:

“Blockchain technology gives us the opportunity to see a truly transparent picture of our investment in digital advertising and then in our supply systems. We are eager to understand the potential impact that technology can have on ROI and efficiency. “