TSMC capacity shortage slows down development of new MediaTek processors

Unexpectedly generous for Monday seems to be a publication on the pages of a site that has gotten on a slippery slope of monetization DigiTimes, which describes the difficulties encountered by Taiwanese developers in gaining access to TSMC’s advanced technical processes

Image source: MediaTek

MediaTek allegedly chose TSMC’s 6nm technology for its Dimensity 1200 and 1100 processors out of concern that it simply would not have enough quotas for 5nm products. Initially, these MediaTek processors were planned to be released using 5nm technology, but market factors prevailed. TSMC finished last year with 20% of total revenue from the sale of 5nm products. In this, she is going to spend at least $ 22 billion to expand and master the release of 5-nm and more progressive chips.