TSMC has a new solution to the market semiconductor shortage

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Which Country Produces the Most Number of Chips/Semiconductors?

In an interview with Time magazine, the president of TSMC, a giant in the semiconductor market, providing advanced graphics cores and systems for, among others AMD and Apple have revealed that in addition to large investments, TSMC has a new solution to the chip problem. This, in turn, is quite… interesting.

TSMC wants to solve the semiconductor shortage by sharing customers

TSMC will spend as much as $ 100 billion in capacity expansion in the next three years, but even that is not enough to meet the demand for silicon chips. Therefore, the company intends to divide its customers into those who use the immediately delivered cores and those who store them in warehouses for fear of shortages or for other reasons.

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The company reportedly appointed a special group of people who collected data to find out which of TSMC’s customers were building stocks of the semiconductors they ordered. This in itself is reasonable, as it allows you to remain operable in the event of a sudden drop in availability, but at the same time, it makes systems that should immediately hit the equipment and increase the supply on the market wait in warehouses.

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Therefore, TSMC has decided that such companies will not be given priority in future orders. Not like Apple and to some extent AMD, i.e. long-term TSMC partners. Will it help? It will be revealed in the future.