TV rights Serie A 2021-2022: where to watch the games | Tips and Tricks

TV rights Serie A 2021-2022: where to watch the games
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Are you confused this year? The platforms on which you have historically seen the games no longer allow you to enjoy them? The reason is simple, the rights of the tenders from this year are in the hands of new services, so we need to clarify.

In our in-depth analysis you will find out how to continue watching our favorite races, seeing who owns the TV rights of the 2021-22 Serie A races and beyond.

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Serie A TV rights where to see the races

Until 2024 it was DAZN that acquired the rights to broadcast the 10 Serie A matches of each day. Seven of these events are completely exclusive, three are also broadcast by Sky.

DAZN is a streaming service, then to use it you have to have an Internet connection and a compatible device, a smart TV, a FireTV, a Chromecast, a game console, a smartphone, a tablet and many others.

The service does not only offer Serie A, but also allows you to follow all the Serie B matches, the great matches of international events such as La Liga, and the Copa Libertadores, as well as thematic channels dedicated to Inter and Milan.

For those who appreciate other sports there are competitions in MotoGP, Moto2 e Moto3 in addition to the matches of NFL, UFC, Matchroom, GGG e Golden Boy and really much more along with the popular channels Eurosport 1 HD e Eurosport 2 HD.

If you want to consult the complete offer of DAZN you can do so on this page.

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What connection does it take to enjoy DAZN?

To enjoy the contents of DAZN you do not need a particularly high-performance connection:

  • for standard definition content a speed of 2 Mb / s is enough, this definition is sufficient for mobile phones;
  • 3.5 Mb / s are enough to be able to enjoy high definition content, even if at low frequency;
  • for other high frequency definition you need a connection of at least 6.5 Mb / s.

You can test the speed of your network via a speedtest. In case of discontinuous vision, it could be the fault of the service or of your network, in case of insufficient network find out how to see DAZN via digital terrestrial with DAZN Channel to channel 408.

TIMVision: a solution to watch all Serie A and Champions League matches

DAZN Serie A

If you are a football fan, the TIMVision offer will certainly be appreciated, for an amount of € 29.90 per month (as well as the price of the DAZN subscription only), it also offers access for 12 months to the contents of Infinity + and therefore to all the Champions League matches. So this is the best solution for those who don’t want to miss out on any great meeting.

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Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about having a compatible device, as the TIMVision Box, a convenient TV-Box with Android TV system and DVB-T2 decoder, is provided on loan for free.

The TIMVision decoder also allows access to the DAZN Channel on digital terrestrial to enjoy the game smoothly in the event of a limp network.

Finally, apart from football, the platform includes interesting series and content for the whole family.

If you want to know more about TIMVision offers dedicated to football, you can directly consult the official page. All offers can be deactivated at any time at no additional cost.

3 Serie A matches per day are on Sky

3 Serie A matches per day are on Sky Calcio

Sky for the first time in years no longer has the rights to the entire Serie A, come on Sky Football you can follow 3 games on 10 of each day of Serie A TIM (postponement of Saturday, the 12 o’clock match on Sunday and monday night that is the meeting on Monday evening), in addition to all Serie B matches, 5 Premier League matches per round, one in 4K HDR, and finally one match selection of League 1 e Bundesliga.

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The service is used through the decoder Sky Q, which accesses content via the network, offers support for third-party service apps (such as Netflix, DAZN, Disney +, Mediaset Play, YouTube) and has an integrated DVB-T2 decoder.

Sky Calcio’s offer starts at € 19.90 per month, to learn more you can consult the dedicated page.

For activities (bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels) there is Sky Business

Series A Rights: Sky Busines

This is an offer dedicated to those commercial activities that want to offer the vision of tenders to their customers. It is really an all-inclusive package, as it allows the use of:

  • all Serie A races (including the 7 exclusively for DAZN) and Serie B;
  • all Champions League and Europa League matches;
  • the best matches of Premier League, Bundesliga e Ligue1.

If you have a business and want to know more about the offers and channels Sky Sports Bar you can consult the dedicated page.