Twitter tipping through Brave browser available to users

Twitter tipping through Brave browser available to users

The Brave browser has announced the official launch of the tipping service with the BAT token. After three months of testing, users now have the opportunity to reward content creators on Twitter.
The service is available to those who have activated Brave Rewards and receive tokens for viewing ads.

To inaugurate the launch, Brave has announced that it will distribute 100,000 BAT tokens to those who have not yet activated brave rewards. The company also said that the service will be available in the future for Reddit, Vimeo and GitHub.

Currently, the Twitter system tipping through Brave is also active for YouTube and Twitch.

Walmart is filing a patent application for a cryptocurrency similar to Libra

Retail giant Walmart has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a stable cryptocurrency similar to Libra. The documentation states that Walmart Coin would be based on the US dollar. It can be used to purchase products from network stores.

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In addition, users can earn rewards similar to loyalty points if they frequently use cryptocurrency.

Walmart argues that blockchain technology facilitates quick transactions and may, for example, prevent minors from purchasing prohibited products such as alcohol and cigarettes.

The company used blockchain to monitor the food and drug supply network. Also, Walmart has filed a number of other patents related to package tracking, delivery fleets and payments for electricity.

Cash App sold Bitcoin worth $ 125 million in Q2

Square Company announced that the Cash App generated $ 125 million from the sale of Bitcoin in the second quarter of 2019. By comparison, in the first quarter, revenues from BTC were $ 65.5 million.

According to the quarterly activity report published on August 1, Bitcoin sales have increased significantly due to rising Bitcoin prices. Currently, they represent 92% of the revenue from the Cash App.

BitPay is suspended in Germany

The Bitpay payment processor has announced that it will suspend its activity in Germany due to new regulations that will come into operation in January 2020. The financial regulator BaFin has approved a new set of rules that provide companies that provide cryptocurrency-related services. be licensed to operate in Germany.

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Suspension of BitPay services has also affected companies using their payment processing system, such as Computer Base.

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