Two-day Bitcoin event Baltic Honeybadger, Altcoins not Welcome

Two-day Bitcoin event Baltic Honeybadger, Altcoins not Welcome

Every year there are many bitcoin and blockchain conferences and meetings around the world. The one is even bigger than the other. Representatives of ICOs, STOs and blockchain projects are present at many of these conferences.

The Baltic Honeybadger conference takes a different approach. This event is only intended for everything that has to do with bitcoin. The event takes place in Riga from Saturday 14 September up to and including Sunday 15 September.

Bitcoin maximists

The Baltic Honeybadger Conference is a large and influential bitcoin event and is being held in Riga, Latvia. Honeybadger attracts many influential people, who are primarily interested in the philosophy and technology behind bitcoin.

The aim of the conference is to create an educational event with high-profile speakers from all over the world from different backgrounds. The speakers range from technical engineers and cyber security professionals to business owners and writers.

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Many big names

During the previous two editions of Honeybadger, many passionate and passionate bitcoin maximists from all over the world have already come to speak. Think of people like Andreas Antonopoulos, Elizabeth Stark, Adam Back, Peter Todd, Tuur Demeester, Tone Vays, Giacomo Zucco, Eric Lombrozo and others. As a result, the conference has built up a good reputation within the bitcoin world.

This year Baltic Honeybadger will be visited by Adam Back, Jimmy Song, Rodolfo Novak, Murad Mahmudov, Max Keizer, Saifedean Ammous, Samson Mow and others.


The idea behind Honeybadger is the cypherpunk philosophy. In short, cypherpunk is all about preserving privacy and means such as cryptography, politics, philosophy and mathematics are used for this. Bitcoin is therefore the only cryptocurrency that counts for almost every cypherpunk.

Therefore, there are no promotions from different altcoins, ICOs, banks and other blockchain-based snake oil (literally translated from the Honeybadger website). Topics such as Lightning Network, Bitcoin regulation, security, investments, trade, etc. are discussed.

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Bitcoin meetings are also characterized by their social character. There are many lectures, possibilities for one-to-one conversations and panels. But many visitors describe the informal afterparty as the highlight of the conference.

The conference takes place in Riga, Latvia, from 14 to 15 September 2019. Tickets cost around 300 euros for the entire weekend and can be purchased with Bitcoin or fiat on the official site:

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