Two kinds of Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids some. Some will reach for HBM2e

BHD mining on HDD and SSD x
BHD mining on HDD and SSD

At the SC2021 conference, an official announcement was made that exactly two types of Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids will hit the market. So we are talking about server processors based on the Sapphire Rapids architecture, which will be able to reach for the HBM2e memory. Something has also been revealed about Ponte Vecchio, and it just so happens that it is the CPU and GPU that will power the Intel Aurora supercomputer.

HBM2e Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids confirmed. Ponte Vecchio’s memory as well

Intel has confirmed that it will launch a variant with four HBM2e memory stacks with a capacity of 16 GB each, for a total of 64 GB. These next-generation Xeon processors will be based on the Eagle Stream platform with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5, and the flagship chips will offer up to 56 cores. Their TDP is expected to be up to 350 watts.

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The company also revealed the secret of the Ponte Vecchio GPU’s L1 and L2 caches. This one is to offer 4 MB of L1 cache and 144 MB of L2 cache for each silicon block, which will translate into 408 MB of L2 cache. The entire core complex will come down to a multi-core structure (in terms of physical silicon cores), as many as 47 wafers with a total number of over 100 billion transistors.

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Intel also unveiled its new product roadmap for the data center, confirming its plan to introduce these new features for the HPC market in the next year.