Two new AIO Sapphire cooling systems. What do the NITRO + models promise?

Two new AIO Sapphire cooling systems.  What do the NITRO + models promise?

Sapphire Technology has unveiled its two new AIO cooling systems in the form of NITRO + models. I am talking about Sapphire NITRO + S360-A and Nitro + S240-A, i.e. completely new AIO systems designed from scratch, which significantly exceed the manufacturer’s previous models. At least that’s what the company seems to be saying.

NITRO + models, i.e. two new AIO Sapphire cooling systems

As is the case with AIO systems, their most important elements come down to the pump (Asetek 7th generation) topped with a unique design and backlight system and a cooler (with illuminated Hybrid Fan Blade fans). These elements are connected with each other by high-quality EPDM pipes in a nylon mesh, and the uniqueness of both models is completed by the first such liquid circuit on the market with a temperature sensor. As a result, the cooling subsystem (fans + pump) keep the temperatures in check more effectively.

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In its announcement, the manufacturer naturally praises and emphasizes the possibilities of its new cooling systems, the most important of which refer to the pump and fans. The former offers up to 15% higher thermal efficiency compared to its predecessors, and the fans themselves (two or three 120 mm depending on the version) are reportedly quieter by 5 dBA and cool more effectively by 4 degrees Celsius.

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The information is rounded off with a note on compatibility with socket AMD AM4 and Intel LGA 115X / 1200 / 20XX and 1700, which ensures a wide range of compatibility. Both Sapphire NITRO + S360-A and Nitro + S240-A are now available from select SAPPHIRE online retailers and computer retailers worldwide.