Ubisoft blames your background apps for their game performance

Correct installation of GPU drivers x
Correct installation of GPU drivers

If Ubisoft has earned the name of Bugisoft For a reason it will be, and although the company is not an expert in optimizing games, and even despite this it adds several layers of DRM to its games, which is shown to have a negative effect in terms of performance, that is not the main fault that you may have problems when enjoying their games, and it is that the company indicated that the fault is of all the third-party applications that you have installed on your PC.

Specifically, Ubisoft is encouraging users to disable hardware monitoring applications such as the MSI Afterburner or the Riva Tuner; VoIP applications like Discord o TeamSpeak; messaging services like Skype; and even Razer Synapse and SteelSeries Engine peripheral software. If you are a streamer, then deactivate the OBS and stay without transmitting, since all these applications “interfere with Ubisoft games“.

You can already imagine the point of optimization of their games, which even in a video they show you closing the damn Windows calculator that consumes 11.5 MB of RAMAnd with that alone, you will surely go from playing from 30 to 60 FPS, while if they deactivate the DRM you would surely only win 1 FPS, so you know, if a Ubisoft game does not suit you, always check that you do not have the calculator open in the background while you run it.

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