Uganda intends to export oil and gas to other countries in 15 years

MOSCOW, 18 Oct — PRIME. Uganda intends to start exporting oil and gas to interested countries in the next 15 years, the construction of the pipeline has begun, Ugandan Ambassador to Russia Moses Kizige said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

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“(We have) oil and gas, we are now building a pipeline to transport them to other countries … We will export to those countries that need it,” he said.

The Ambassador added that this would happen in the next 15 years.

“We will start oil production not soon, in the long run – 15 years. So far we have coal,” Kizige said.

The diplomat also said that the topic of building a nuclear power plant in Uganda will be a priority at the upcoming meeting of the intergovernmental commission with Russia, the parties will also discuss cooperation in space.

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“Due to COVID-19, this project (the construction of a nuclear power plant in Uganda) has stalled, but an intergovernmental commission will soon be held in Kampala, and this topic will be discussed as a priority. Just like our joint project plans in space. We have huge deposits in our country uranium, the largest in the world,” the ambassador said.

Earlier it was reported that the government of Uganda is looking for potential partners for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in East Africa. According to the representative of the Ministry of Energy Irene Batebe, the Ugandan authorities expect to attract investors from Russia, or China, or the United States. The choice is expected to be made as early as 2023.

The 2,000 megawatt plant could be operational by 2031, according to preliminary calculations, and its construction will take place in two stages due to the expected cost of about $9 billion.

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