Ukrainian authorities allowed to export coal to Poland

MOSCOW, 20 Sep — PRIME. Ukraine has allowed the export of coal to Poland in the amount of 100,000 tons, Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galushchenko said during a working meeting in Warsaw with Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskva.

“The authorities did not keep their promise”: the Poles revealed unthinkable coal prices

“Herman Galushchenko informed his colleague (Anna Moskva – ed.) about the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to open a quota for coal exports to Poland in the amount of 100,000 tons. The Polish side thanked for this important political decision, noting that … the coal industry has gained additional weight,” – cites the message of the department edition of

According to the ministry, the meeting focused on strengthening cooperation in the field of electricity, in particular, the development of transmission capacity for the export of Ukrainian electricity to the EU countries and the speedy development of energy infrastructure between the two countries.

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Since mid-June, the Government of Ukraine has set zero quotas for the export of all types of coal, except for coking coal, and later, in early September, they decided to ban coking coal used in metallurgy. The decision was made in order to ensure the preparation and passage of the heating season. On September 16, the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnychuk, announced that at a government meeting, changes were made to the list of goods whose export and import will be subject to licensing and quotas for 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers allowed the export of 100,000 tons of coal to Poland.

In April, Poland completely banned the import of coal from Russia, which had a dramatic impact on the availability of coal on the market and on its price. The cost of a ton of coal from private suppliers reaches 3,000 zlotys (about $640). The Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland in the current situation in early July canceled for 60 days the requirements for the quality of coal used for heating.

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