Unfortunately, the crypto also affected Slovak real estate. This is the first house you buy for bitcoin

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The real estate market has been extremely successful in recent years, with house and apartment prices climbing to ever higher values. This is probably why a new phenomenon is entering real estate – the sale of real estate for cryptocurrencies.

The first such swallow in Slovakia is a family house in Bratislava, which the future owner can buy for one of the largest cryptocurrencies. The real estate agency accepts payment in several, including bitcoin or ethereum.

Nehnutelnosti.sk / HT Reality

The house in Bratislava is being sold for cryptocurrencies

The interconnection of several segments with cryptocurrencies has become stronger and stronger in the past, and gradually such bitcoin is getting into the mainstream, where it is used, for example, when buying a new car from Tesla and, most recently, real estate.

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Family house in Bratislava with 5 rooms, a terrace and a garage is probably the first property in our real estate market for which you can pay cryptocurrency.

This is a new building, which will be approved in February next year, and the new owner will then move into this housing first. The house is located in a lucrative part of Bratislava in Koliba and is part of a semi-detached house, which is divided by its own perimeter wall. HT real estate agency currently sells both connected houses, which are almost the same, but differ in the area of ​​the land.

Nehnutelnosti.sk / HT Reality

The future owner will pay a total of 710 thousand euros for a more expensive family house, while the second house is currently on offer for 695 thousand euros. In both cases, however, the real estate agency accepts, in addition to the classic fiat money payment, a cryptocurrency payment, where the buyer can choose bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin or stablecoin USDT.

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In this way, the real estate agency is trying to bring the offer closer to more modern people who are not strangers to the world of cryptocurrencies. However, at the current price of bitcoin, the buyer would have to pay about 14.08 BTC for the more expensive house at the current price of about 57 thousand euros for 1 BTC.

Cryptomens are increasingly entering the mainstream

However, bitcoin payment is nothing new in Slovakia, but also in the Czech Republic. Except for Alza customers, for example, have been able to buy for BTC for several years, in a neighboring country, drivers can also buy a new car for this cryptocurrency. The Czech car showroom Advantage Cars also sells its luxury and sports cars for cryptocurrencies.

So far, it only accepts bitcoin from customers, but according to the company’s sales manager for the portal CzechCrunch.cz the car show may also accept payments in other cryptocurrencies in the future. We have taken a closer look at this topic in a separate article.

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Despite these positives, the world of cryptocurrencies is still unpredictable. Evidence of this could only be seen recently, when the cryptomen market, along with the stock and other markets, failed after the announcement of the discovery of a new variant of the coronavirus.

In 12 years, bitcoin has become the best asset in the world

However, the short-term decline stabilized again. Bitcoin is currently continuing its year – round growth and from an economic point of view, it has become the best valuing asset ever.

Currently, it is difficult to think that in its beginnings it sold for less than a tenth of a cent. Today, however, with its value and market capitalization, it dominates the entire cryptomen market and is gradually being accepted by more and more countries and institutions.

El Salvador used a unique source of energy. Bitcoin benefits from a living volcano

A perfect example of this is the Central American El Salvador, which has decided to develop its economy with the help of bitcoin. It currently holds more than 1,000 coins and is the first country in the world to accept it as official currency.

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The president there has other big plans for bitcoin and soon wants to build in the country the first bitcoin city, where, in addition to VAT, residents will not pay any taxes.