Uphold wallet – BAT token withdrawal option

Uphold wallet - BAT token withdrawal option

The Brave browser is working on a new feature that would allow users to withdraw BAT earned from the creative view. According to a post on Reddit, Brave Browser has added the ability to withdraw BAT tokens through the confirmed Uphold wallet.

Withdrawal of the Basic Attention Token, available in beta

According to posts on Reddit, the new feature is not yet available for the main version of the web browser. Users who want to test it must use the beta version of Nightly 0.70 that can be downloaded from GitHub.

This feature that allows users to withdraw funds from the Brave web browser was one of the most awaited BAT community. There are certain jurisdictions that allow individuals to see and interact with ads that are displayed when the user browses the web. If the test phase is successful, individuals may quickly and easily withdraw their funds through a verified account.

Option to purchase BAT with credit card

Another Reddit user mentioned that the test version also allows the purchase of BAT with a credit card. This option would help increase the number of token users,
Generally, the features available in the test version are released in the official version in about two months.

One user, however, mentioned that it is important that Brave provides more options than the Uphold wallet.

At the moment, Basic Attention Token is ranked No. 33 with a market share of nearly $ 300 million.