US calculates when Europe will run out of gas

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — PRIME. Gas stocks in EU storages will run out before politicians publicly declare, and next summer Europe will also not be able to replenish stocks as needed, so in a year winter could again turn into a disaster, an energy expert, head of an investment company writes in a material for Forbes Teucrium Sal Gilberti.

Rosnedra told how long Russia will have enough gas and oil

He notes that Germany and other EU states managed to accumulate enough “blue fuel” over the summer to fill their storage facilities by 80-95%. At the same time, the expert emphasizes, European politicians and officials assure citizens that these reserves will be enough for the winter, although they have lost pipeline natural gas supplies from Russia.

Under normal circumstances, according to him, fuel reserves in storage facilities come to an end exactly by the end of winter, but this happens only if gas supplies through pipelines are carried out without interruptions during the entire cold season, and this year “Europe cannot wait for this costs”.

“This means that Europe will run out of gas in storage somewhere in the middle of winter, if it is not too severe and energy saving measures and alternative fuel flows are adequate. At present, none of this can be guaranteed – and even more or less accurately predicted,” states Gilberti.

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He is convinced that the only thing that can be predicted with certainty today is that next winter gas reserves in Europe’s storage facilities will be depleted earlier than most EU leaders publicly declare. But even more important, in his opinion, is that next summer Europe will again not be able to accumulate reserves in the required volume, which means that next winter could also turn into “an economic disaster and human tragedies.”

“Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that, although this winter will be hard, in a year Europe could again find itself in the position of an unemployed consumer who barely has enough money to buy basic necessities,” the expert concludes.

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