Use Android as a PC speaker speaker, via Wifi (wireless)

Use Android as a PC speaker speaker, via Wifi (wireless)
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Using an Android device as a PC speaker or speaker can be used in several situations: extending the sound of the PC in the home or office (remote speaker), bringing the audio of music or movies from the computer to the mobile headphones, as a monitor of baby, etc.

Here’s how to turn an Android into a wireless PC speaker, using Wifi. As in the article Using android as a PC microphone, it is only necessary to install a program on the computer (server) and an application on the mobile phone (client). Both computers must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The SoundWire software package (server + client) will be used here, which can be downloaded from the developer’s website:

Step 1. Install Server in the computer

Download from It is installed just like any other program, with the observation that when a Windows Security Alert on the Firewall, you must click on Allow access.

Open the program and configure the Input Select. For Windows 7/8, choose Default multimedia device (see the image below). Windows XP users must choose Stereo mix, Wave out mix O What u hear.

Step 2. Install the Android application

download and install SoundWireFree de Google Play. Open the app and tap on the coiled wire image in the center of the screen.

SoundWire Android App. Touch the coiled wire to establish the connection with the PC.

If the connection is established correctly, this wire should turn orange and the PC program should show Status: Connected. You should already hear the audio from the PC on the phone (make sure it is at an adequate volume level).

SoundWire Server PC successfully connected.  Audio playing on the Android device.

SoundWire Server PC successfully connected. Audio playing on the Android device.

In case of getting an error when trying to establish the connection, put the IP address of the PC in the field Server from the Android application and tap on the coiled wire again.

Reduce latency
If the audio has a delay, open the SoundWire settings in Android, tap on Audio Buffer Size and choose the lowest available value (8K). Also leave the box checked Audio compression in case there are cuts in the audio (this helps, but it is always important that there is a good Wi-Fi signal so that there are no cuts).

AirFoil Speakers for Android Y Wifi Speakers They are two alternatives to SoundWire that can be downloaded for free from Google Play (where the links to download the server of each one are also indicated). AirFoil works on Windows and MAC, while Wifi Speakers works on Windows and works even under 3G or 4G.

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