Video editing app for iPhone

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Video editing app for iPhone

We have selected the best five video editing apps for iPhone. We will talk about the features, the price and the overall editing experience. With the rise of social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, ShareChat, YouTube, etc., phone makers now create tons of video making and editing apps on phones. After all, not everyone uses expensive and complex PC editing software. A normal user tends to edit videos on their smartphone. With iPhones equipped with stellar hardware, it’s obvious to look for an iPhone video editing app that suits your needs.

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Top 5 video editing apps for iPhone

When it comes to overall video quality, even die-hard Android fans will admit that nothing beats the iPhone or so. Although Android offers a compelling video editing experience with the Photos app, it is still a long way from the established third-party alternatives available in the App Store. Let’s start with a name that needs no introduction: Adobe.

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1. Adobe Premiere Rush – Free – Offers in-app purchases

Adobe Premiere Rush offers an easy to use interface with powerful features, automatic backup and multiple synchronization between devices. You can record the video from the app or import multiple clips from the device memory. As with any Adobe product, the editing app for iPhone is packed with features that are useful for both general users and professionals. Let’s make an overview. You can add custom ready-to-use titles, change frame rate, extract audio from video, mute clip, and even change video volume. The whole interface is quite simple. My favorite feature is the built-in filters. In a recent update, the company added the ability to extract audio from video to create a separate clip. Adobe Cloud manages the backup and synchronization of projects. Adobe Premiere Rush is free for up to three exports. Next, you’ll have to pay € 10 per month, which also unlocks 100GB of Adobe Cloud.

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2. Quick Di G0Pro – Gratis

While Premier Rush Pro relies on manual outputs for the best possible results, Quik takes the automated way of doing things. Users can import multiple videos or photos and use the 26 built-in templates to apply effects, music, filters and animations. With just one tap, you can make professional-looking videos. Customization options include the ability to adjust fonts, filters, filter intensity, and graphics. You can speed up the movie or play it in slow motion. I appreciate the way Quik automatically turns on audio when it detects voices in existing video. By default, it shrinks the imported video to less than 10 seconds. Quik calls it a balanced approach. However, if you want to apply the built-in theme to the whole video, go to Video Settings> trim and select manual. The application is completely free.

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3. Splice – Free – Offers in-app purchases

Splice is a conventional video editing app. It offers ready-made items and also requires manual input to get things done. I like Splice’s editing user interface. All the main options are displayed at the bottom with large thumbnails. In addition to the usual goodies like video merging, cropping, text and music, Splice also allows you to edit certain elements of a video. For example, you can select a timeline in a video and make changes like volume, speed or filters, just for that part. Users can also cut the videos into multiple parts and reorder them by dragging and dropping. The SFX option allows you to add a different voice to certain parts of a video. Teens will love this feature.

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4. Videorama – Streaming – Offre purchased in-app

Videorama is a video editing app that puts all the necessary editing elements on the table. When you import a group of videos into the app, it immediately presents the editing options at the bottom. You can add text, images, record and add voices during the video, play with filters and more. My favorite section is Video FX. It allows you to add all the dramatic effects to a boring video. Do you want rain or snow in a video? No problem. Just tap on the video FX and download the effect from the menu. The free version allows you to export up to three minutes of video.

5. Kinemaster – Streaming – Offre purchased in-app

How can I end the post without mentioning Kinemaster? Kinemaster is one of the best easy-to-use video editing apps out there. The app features the classic landscape mode, similar to most desktop software. The timeline scrolls down with the main functions in a wheel at the top. Key features include multiple video layers, blending modes to create beautiful effects, speed control, stickers, and more. Kinemaster offers a dedicated store within the app. The market allows you to download stickers, fonts, effects, music and more. As I said earlier, the best thing about Kinemaster remains the user interface. You don’t have to scroll left / right to find a function. Plus, all editing options are free. However, to access the resource store and remove the watermark, you need to pay.

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