Waiting for Microsoft Office 2009

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Recently, most companies have been operating in Microsoft Office 2007… This is a very convenient and multifunctional collection of programs for working with documents, texts, presentations, databases and tables. It seems that this package has everything and the highest quality.
Microsoft Office 2007 includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point other. A pleasant interface and ease of use allow you to achieve high results, both in the office and at home. This Microsoft Office was released in early 2007, and after a while Microsoft Corporation developed another service pack for Office 2003. But this is not the main thing.
Many improvements will be made in this release. According to some reports, the firm will publish Office 14 along with Bulldog. Bulldog is such a critical data + EDM management program, and Microsoft tied the product name to Stratature Corporation. Stratature +EDM created to solve a very important problem, this system will allow you to manage a large amount of information about customers, but most importantly, to ensure high-quality data processing. The system has a useful function, it allows you to view all the accumulated data for the selected customer. Apparently, such a complex of programs is getting closer and closer to SQL Server, and the company plans to release the latest version +EDM with Office 2009 and it may happen as part of the program SharePointServer… According to the data, it will be included in the Microsoft PerformancePoint, Word and Excel business analysis system, and most importantly, it will be included in this collection. SQL Server… Many companies are already looking forward to the new office and are ready to purchase it.

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The long-announced Microsoft competitor from China is expected soon – Kingsoft Office 2009… Let’s see if it can compete with the software giant Gates.