Water cooling DVD-RW – The best GTA 5 server – real cars, factions, gangs, no bots

Water cooling DVD-RW – The best GTA 5 server – real cars, factions, gangs, no bots – It seemed that quite recently the article “The Path to Silence in Three Years” had been written. And it seems that everything, there is nothing more to refine in the system unit – live and rejoice.

But at the end of May, the weather was unusually hot. The temperature in the room reached 32 degrees. This very heat helped to reveal one weak point in the cooling system of my car.

By the will of fate, it turned out that I was sitting at home, terribly bored and then accidentally remembered that many films had accumulated that I bought, but did not have time to watch. Deciding to fill this gap, I played DVDs on my computer. The disc came across a real, licensed one. Some John Silver managed to cram as many as six films into it, but all HellRaisers could fit. I’m tired of action movies, and I just love horror movies. I watched one film, was imbued with it and decided to consolidate the achieved success by watching the next one. And now the plot’s denouement is close, almost the end, everything is about to be clarified … And then the image began to slow down and twitch. Such a turn will not leave anyone indifferent, especially a person with such a subtle mental organization. Possessing a huge, I am not afraid of this word, inhuman endurance, at first I braced myself – for a whole one and a half seconds, and then began to remove the disk from the drive, but almost burned myself. Having touched the bottom of the drive, I was convinced that my hand could hardly bear it.

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The drive was pretty hot. The case of the system unit was made by me independently and is designed for natural ventilation. It doesn’t have a single fan. The temperature of the processor and other components was normal, but somehow I did not think about the drive. In cold weather, such problems did not arise. I didn’t want to put the fan on during a hot period. And how to cool a burned-out drive without a fan? The answer is obvious – a good portion of cool antifreeze. How to treat a sufferer? For a long time, I had two water blocks measuring 150 x 150 mm.

They were made to cool the hard drive, but did not meet expectations. Then I wanted to make a Peltier chiller out of them. But it turned out that for such a chiller, some Peltier elements had to be bought for a decent amount. In addition, they consume a lot of electricity. The chiller will go into operating mode for a long time until the coolant cools down. And the main thing is low efficiency. Therefore, these blocks and lay idle. From time to time I tried to adapt them somewhere, but somehow it didn’t work out. But it seems that in this situation one of them will come in handy.

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The drives in my system unit are installed in a standard basket, which, in turn, is attached to the panel. Removing the DVD-RW was easy. The drive is NEC 3500. A very common model.

In the photo, he is next to the water block. The waterblock is made of brass. But in this particular case, it seems to me that this is enough. The heat dissipation per unit surface of DVD-RW is low.

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We turn the drive upside down and see what can be heated there:

The photo shows that there are holes at the bottom and some incomprehensible, unfinished holes. We find out what it is. To do this, voiding the warranty, we open the drive and look:

The solution turned out to be simple: under the unfinished holes there are heated parts. To remove excess heat from them, strips of some kind of heat-conducting substance are glued to the drive cover, through which excess heat is transferred to the DVD-RW case. The rest of the holes are ventilation.

The pads of the lower cover of the drive, in contact with the heating elements, seem to be dented. In other words, they are located below the general level of the cover. If you put the water block as it is, then there will be practically no thermal contact, and the ventilation holes will be blocked. To eliminate this, we raise the level of the pads above the level of the lid with copper plates collected in a bag through the heat-conducting paste KPT-8.

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Well, we figured out how the water block will stand, now we need to come up with the fastening of the water block to the drive. The first option was as follows:

The pieces of iron lying on the water block are called “straight hangers” and are used to assemble suspended ceilings. They bend well along the “barbs” and have many holes. But for some reason I didn’t like such fasteners.

From the former developments, fastening holes remained in the water block. Two of them fit the dimensions of the DVD case mounting screws, and for the other two I drilled holes in the DVD cover.

I’m getting down to the final assembly. I am assembling a heat-conducting package from copper plates with thermal paste:

The photo shows that I have already inserted two mounting screws in advance. Now I install the water block itself:

As stated above, the other two holes lined up with the mounting holes in the DVD cover. I only had to replace the screws with longer ones. It remains to install the device in the case, connect it to the cooling system and continue to enjoy watching movies.

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I need to say a few words to those people who are going to repeat this method of cooling drives. All alterations you make at your own peril and risk. The author is not responsible for damage to the equipment. Breaking the warranty seals will void your warranty and all.

After installing the system in the case, I wanted to check how efficiently the system will cool the drive. As luck would have it, hot days gave way to a cold snap. But can the trifling whims of nature prevent you from quenching your thirst for knowledge? I close the door and the window and turn on the electric fireplace. With a towel around my neck, I courageously sit down to watch a movie. Drenched in the name of establishing the truth naboutvolume, I bravely endured the last three episodes of HellRaisers in a row, without interruption. There were no troubles with the drive. The disc after this marathon was a little lukewarm.

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Now it remains to find out why I began to feel nauseous from the sight of men with nails in their heads.