We can dream of compensation from Intel


Many believed that the Meltdown and Specter scandal would cause Intel to compensate its customers. Well, the company’s CEO thinks otherwise, and has definitely denied any compromised processor recovery program.

Did you know that this unsecured vulnerability is found in most Intel processors manufactured since 1995? It is quite a long time, during which the number of copies sold by this giant has certainly reached billions of dollars. Now customers who bought processors “heavenly”They are demanding compensation from the company because at the time of the transaction they were unaware of the current problems, the repair of which could reduce the performance of the system. In addition, they believe that Intel knew about it, but released next generations of its products without any interest. Based on these charges, a US court has received three class action lawsuits seeking redress from Intel.

On the other side of the barricade is the CEO, Brian Krzanich (the latter, in turn, sold Intel shares at the end of November), who stated that in this situation his company will certainly not make any refunds or payments of compensation. This is because the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities can be eliminated with a software update that most users will not even feel. At the moment, the only option to change this policy is a court ruling that will show that Intel has committed a crime by misleading its customers.

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Do you know Xeons? Yes, these are the server processors that were also affected by the security scandal. Looking at their application, I believe that these are companies based on solutions “heavenly“May demand compensation from them. The upcoming update that will fix the vulnerability will leave the biggest mark on systems that perform virtualization (e.g. server rooms), which ultimately indicates that the performance of databases of giants like Amazon or Google will suffer the most.

Source: cnet.com, gizmodo.com