We don’t mind that the markets are falling, the biggest bottom is yet to come

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Decibel Peak // Rigorous Training (feat. Warrior Chief)

Rinsing The cryptocurrency market we have witnessed this week only confirms the slim situation since the beginning of 2022, which the cryptocurrencies do not want at all. Bitcoin, like all known cryptocurrencies, has lost tens of percent this year, and the largest cryptocurrency fell below $ 27,000 a few days ago, the least since the end of 2020.

The negative sentiment is thus boiling in many beginning and more experienced investors, for whom the purchased cryptocurrents are at a loss and may resort to sales well below the original purchase price. However, market declines also represent a great opportunity for the more skilled to buy cheap, or to take advantage of fluctuations in prices, which are traded mainly by traders.

With Jakub Kraľovanský, who has been trading cryptomens in full since 2017 and is the founder of the project Trader 2.0we are the last time they talked on risk management when trading or tips for beginners in the cryptomen market. In today’s interview, he revealed how he perceives the current situation in the markets, how it can be used, but also how start-up investors should react.

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What will you learn in the interview?

  • What does the development of the cryptocurrency market in the coming months depend on and when can we expect another “bull run”
  • How traders behave in the current situation and what they use in trading
  • What newcomers and thugs who have gone into the red should do in the bear market
  • When will the biggest bottom of bitcoin come and whether we should be afraid of high inflation
  • When is the best time to start trading cryptocurrencies and what are the biggest beginner mistakes
  • Whether the NFT and Metaverse survive projects and in which Jakub sees the greatest potential

The cryptocurrency market as well as stocks and indices are experiencing the biggest declines this year since the beginning of the pandemic. What do you think mainly depends on further developments in the coming months and in the summer?

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