What is a WiFi network? What are its Characteristics, Components and How does it work?

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What is a WiFi network? What are its Characteristics, Components and How does it work?

The modernization of society has led us to use digital media as tools to interact, work and carry out banking activities or in institutions. In turn, smartphones are those capable of acting as tools for quick transactions … But are they enough? Not, must have an Internet connection in order to have access to online spaces.

That is why the need for latent connectivity has arisen; making the keys and the system that operates through a central source typical of LAN networks obsolete. So, and as a result of a way of life that manages the web environment as the core of all operations, access to it regardless of geographical location led to the creation a wireless line that transmits the Internet… Exactly, the WiFi Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

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What is a WiFi network and what are its main characteristics?

The Wireless Fidelity, or also known in its abbreviation as WiFi, is a type of wireless connection using radio frequency to enable data communication. In this case, the objective is to provide a type of signal to several teams, which are in spaces close to a team that generates the access (distances that vary depending on the reception of the team).

  • They are individual networks they have an access limit.
  • It can be private, free from intruders, but it will also be possible to generate a general public network that is enabled to certain geographic areas.
  • It is created under a type of IEEE 802.11 computer system that establishes a communication based on electromagnetic waves, which are kept available at a specific distance; depending on the type of wireless network, it may be higher or lower.
  • It works by means of a hotspot, providing the signal according to the number of antennas you have and the type of band you use; that will inevitably generate the coverage radius.
  • Its objective is to allow users to use your network have internet access from cell phones, Smart TVs, computers or others; and can communicate without the need for any wiring.
  • To enter PIN must be entered if it does, and you will immediately be part of an information exchange system.
  • It is the way to replace mobile data as Internet generators; which makes you dispense with phone companies to navigate, if you are actively using one of these networks.
  • Those who have the devices that in their configuration may choose to connect to a Wi-Fi network. handle the Wi-Fi option as a way to access cyberspace.
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How does Wi-Fi work and what are the devices that make it up?

What are the components that allow the operation of a WiFi network?

As we have mentioned, these waves need a device that works as the central one where they are develops the transmission of data; However, it is not a single device that operates independently, but rather requires a set of accessories that together make up the Wi-Fi assembly:

  1. Access points: It is a type of equipment or network service that supports a WLAN system from which different computers and equipment are connected; regardless of whether they are wired or wireless. This is the source that makes it possible to relate a computer and the components that follow.
  2. Routers or Router: It serves as the best known part, since it is the center of operations; and the one that emits electromagnetic or infrared waves. Also, it is to this device that users connect to establish wireless communication.
  3. Modem: Another fundamental product is this, since it is who produces the Internet (it can be a cell phone as a modem or a device connected to a data line). Previously, both computers were independent and connected to each other to function; but currently they are integrated: You usually buy modem with routers when you hire companies that provide these services.
  4. Adapters: They are responsible for expanding the signal, adding antennas with higher reception or acting as a second router so that the connection expands in other nearby areas: Depending on the case, they will be necessary.
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It is through this set of elements that the synchronization of the Internet, the wireless mechanism and the source is produced that makes the operation of both possible. With all this operating, you will only have to access and navigate.