What is Intranet? What are its characteristics and how does it work? Examples of Intranet Networks

What is Intranet? What are its characteristics and how does it work? Examples of Intranet Networks

The administration of a company may require efforts, machinery and a lot of personnel behind to keep the information circulating. However, the budget may be disproportionate and the way of working impractical or efficient; what has led to substitute certain manual forms to take the processes in the industries, using technology to their advantage.

On the importance of creating databases that simplify activities and streamline the organization; There are various systems that are installed in the software of the equipment and make communication between multiple devices possible. They are Network Services that belong to Computer Networks and have been created for different sectors according to the characteristics they meet: One of these is Intranet and it is applicable in companies.

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What is Intranet in computing and what are its characteristics

It is a space that intercommunicates different equipment to private use of industries; which is intended to make possible the transfer of files, documents, and information to order. It seeks to improve work activities through tools that make it possible to work without incidents regardless of where said person is.

It has the characteristics of wireless networks such as the internet, but it is hermetically protected. Even the first navigation network that emerged it was precisely one of type Intranet, for governmental reasons; and then an adaptation was made in the academic sector. It is from this idea that it is thought to form a public type system, and consequently the Internet is created.

Despite its founding time, it has evolved according to changes in the way of performing technologically, adding improvements that go according to the needs of the time, so as not to limit the use; the above, currently complying with the following characteristics:

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  • It is a private space that was initially set up wirelessly, but now also has internet access.
  • It is totally safe since it is encoded so that the information circulates only and only in the authorized devices.
  • It is made to use joint programs that make possible the exchange of data, and the use of the same information base for all employees of the company.
  • It can be accessed not only from computers but also through Smartphones, provided they have the permissions to enter with said device.
  • Rather than being a type of software that maintains data in a central source and distributes it to other computers (as it used to be); currently works in a way similar to storage clouds that we know.
  • It generates opportunities for mass communication with all members of the company in a faster way; immediately transmitting guidelines on management protocols or reports.
  • It also complies with the possibility of guard certain activities by bosses or supervisors, which improves the real-time interaction of all those who make up the work team.
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usefulness of an intranet network explained in practical examples

How does an Intranet Network work for medium and large companies?

This is constituted by a LAN type network, which is the connection locally and privately between 2 or more computers for private use. However, and despite the fact that it was previously associated with a set of cables connected to a central system, emitting the data; A TCP-IP protocol has been added in order to be able to communicate wirelessly using the internet as well.

So, and thanks to a web server that serves as a cloud storage; a coded connection system is maintained for internal company use, allowing remote access and entry to the database despite being in a different geographical area.

They are nothing more than digital spaces that resemble a common web page, but to which you must have access and communication permissions. They are generally installed as a program, but can also be accessed online depending on the type of program.

The WhatsApp messaging application it is a practical example of what an intranet is, but the bond is created when two people initiate a conversation. While in the case of spaces for companies, the Intranet exists since the Intranet Software is chosen and the members join the portal.

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