What is Mainframe (MFT) Coin – How Does it Works? (Easy To Understand)

What is Mainframe (MFT) Coin - How Does it Works (Easy To Understand)

What is Mainframe (MFT) Coin? – Friends, we continue to “mint” review altcoin articles that aim to give a quick and simple but firm understanding of whatever altcoin we selected to talk about. Today, the review of the project Mainframe and its cryptocurrency; MFT is next in line.

What is cryptocurrency Mainframe

MFT Cryptocurrency – this digital token of the decentralized instant messaging platform Mainframe. The main focus of the project developers is on creating an ecosystem from applications that allow users to send information to each other without being compromised or declassified.

The security of the Mainframe system is ensured by encouraging the nodes to collaborate with each other. In general, the entire ecosystem of the Mainframe will consist of several layers.

Mainframe Features

Let’s analyze the main components that will ensure the work of the Mainframe. To achieve these goals, the Mainframe team will implement the most advanced solutions for encrypting and transferring information between users. To send messages on the network, the team will use technology Dark Routing.

As befits a blockchain project, the Mainframe network will be decentralized and will be distributed among the nodes. Nodes will receive a reward for maintaining the network.

Above, we have already said that Mainframe will consist of several applications. The first Dapps was the Onyx messenger, which was presented to the public at the end of 2017. You can download it on the official website – mainframe.com, install it on any kind of device and start using it for its intended purpose.

Mainframe Perspectives

The official website of the project says that his team began to be interested in developing a decentralized messenger long before the popularization of the blockchain technology. Proof of this is their work on the Spatch app.

If we were transferred to 2015, we would tell you that we see the prospects of this project. But due to the fact that Pavel Durov began his development of a product similar to Mainframe, now we will not say that. After all, Pasha attracted huge investments and the greatest possible attention from the public. Therefore, it is hardly worth expecting that Mainframe will take a serious position in the market, but like all people, we can be wrong.

The daily trading volume of MFT tokens is $ 3 million, which is 12% of its capitalization. This suggests that Mainframe has its own audience.

Currency name (currency unit): Mainframe (MFT)

Currency nameMFT (mainframe)
Currency unitMFT
date of issueJuly 5, 2018
Maximum supply amount10 billion pieces
Circulating supply amount10 billion pieces (as of July 6)
ICO price$ 0.003
Handling domestic exchangeNone
DeveloperMick Hagen
Official sitemainframe.com
Official Twitter@ Mainframe_HQ
White papermainframe.docsend.com

Distributed application platform

Information on the web you normally see is mostly controlled by third parties, in the place not intended by the viewer.
We will control and manage our own data on our own.

Five basic principles

The mainframe is operated based on five basic principles

  • encryption
  • Dark routing
  • P2P architecture
  • Interoperability
  • Incentive

Where to buy MFT tokens

Cryptovalt MFT is one of the few representatives of blockchain projects located at the end of the 3rd hundred, which is traded on the Binance exchange . You can buy MFT for BTC, ETH and BNB. At the time of this writing, the cost of one Mainframe token is $ 0.009.

The capitalization of the project is 24 million – this is 201 in the CoinMarketCap rating . It is worth noting that almost from the first day after the tokens entered the stock exchange, its value and capitalization constantly decreased. The record capitalization index of Mainframe was recorded on July 9, 2018 and amounted to 51.2 million US dollars.


In the end I would like to mention the team working on the project Mainframe, which consists of professionals in their field. You can get acquainted with it on the official site – mainframe.com .

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