What is Microsoft Word? What are the Best Alternatives or Similar Programs?

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How to Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word? What are the Best Alternatives or Similar Programs?

Technology has given us a seemingly inexhaustible arsenal of tools, whether for entertainment or working in different types of areas and projects. One of those many digital instruments are the Office packages from Google or Microsoft; interactive type softwares that have platforms that not only create and edit documents, but also have predesigned formats to facilitate the process.

It is precisely Microsoft that stands out the most in a cluster of office products, which have been operating for more than a decade and have been with incalculable success. What we can say has been his stellar success is the well-known Word. However, and if you are not up to date on what it is and its usefulness, we will not leave any doubt unresolved. Now and if even though you know him you want to try something new … This site is for you too!

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What is Microsoft Word and what is its use within the Microsoft Office suite?

It is a program that works through software developed by Microsoft, which is intended to create, edit and process texts of different types and in all formats; with the aim of generating a professional result depending on the objective.

It is composed of a simple design and interactive interface, which offers a leaf-shaped design, which helps to outline the text by observing the distances, and the ways in which it will finally be observed. Precisely, it offers presentation modes that seek to approximate the creation or reading of the text in its final presentation; and formats whether text, tables or graphics, to do not design some kind of resource from scratch.

It should be noted that its primary purpose is the preparation of documents composed of texts and whose main objective is to convey certain ideas in words; However, it supports that it is supplemented the content with images and elements easily accessible. It is then, the program within the Office package that provides the tools to make documents, where outlining the text is crucial.

Likewise, Word manages a way to add linear text, which resembles the way we write. In addition, the variety of options that exceed the routine is another of its greatest virtues: HTML formats that are read by web pages such as H2 and H3 can be chosen, so they are copied as they were written; and you will even have the opportunity to write fractions and powers squared.

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What are the best alternatives or most effective programs to replace Microsoft Word?

However, and despite its excellence, there are still some aspects that it has not managed to integrate into the platform, which can lead us in certain circumstances to need extra support. It is there where the industry has not remained expectant, beginning to develop a series of very useful programs that work as an alternative to Microsoft Word.

which applications can be used as alternatives or similar to microsoft word

1. Witter de WPS Office

This is our favorite option thanks to its modern design, easy-to-understand interface, and all the basic tools to be successful in a word processor. It has a very practical desktop version; but where it stands out the most is in the smartphone compatibility and its accessibility from Google Play: A single download includes a program to create spreadsheets, slides, and the flagship product: WPS Writer!

2. Google Docs

Second, we can highlight Google Documents: Its main benefit is that it works through a cloud, which makes it easier to share and edit a document between multiple people simultaneously. It does not have a downloadable desktop version, but it can be used by devices online: Although it can work offline, the changes made will not be available to others until you have internet.

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3. Writter de LibreOffice

Although it has some limitations and a less accurate spell checker than Word, it is definitely an impeccable option if you need to vary a bit. Works best in its PC version: It is a fast, complete program, and with tools that go from customizing text to creating graphics. It also handles other office applications within the download, making it a very complete choice.