What is Neufund (NEU) Coin – How Does it Works? (Easy To Understand)

What is Neufund (NEU) Coin - How Does it Works (Easy To Understand)

What is Neufund (NEU) Coin? – Today on our site you will see an exclusive article, because more than one resource has not written a review of the cryptocurrency Neufund. This project offers a platform that is not a typical blockchain project, so you should learn more about Neufund.

What is Neufund cryptocurrency (NEU)

NEU cryptocurrency is a token that reflects the cost of the Neufund crowdfunding platform based on the blockchain. The platform is built on top of the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain, which means it uses smart contracts to achieve “fair conditions” in its work.

Using the Neufund platform, any company can tokenize its assets and issue tokens to attract additional investments. Tokens produced by companies will be called Neufund Equity Token Offering or ETO. In turn, ETO is a hybrid investment model combining the advantages of ICO, IPO and Venture Capital. Because of this, ETO is the ideal option for creating an ecosystem around a company or product.

Neufund Platform Features

The Neufund platform opens up new opportunities for business owners and small investors. Thanks to Neufund, any company, startup or individual interested in supporting an idea can receive investments to develop their project. In turn, investors who do not have a lot of money, but those who want to invest in promising projects can do it through Neufund.

The main task of the Neufund team is to promote an entrepreneurial culture, accelerate innovation, remove barriers and much more.

Neufund Perspectives

As it is written on the official website of the project, the cost of the Neufund platform grows along with the amount of investment around it. The cost of the platform is reflected in the NEU token that participants receive when investing in a project. Therefore, the Neufund prospects are directly dependent on the number of customers, and the number of customers is growing through marketing. So the team needs to focus on marketing.

Where to buy Neufund tokens?

Buying tokens Neufund will not be difficult, because you can buy it on the exchanges HitBTC, Liqui and others. The cost of one token is 59 cents with a project capitalization of $ 17 million.

The maximum cost of the token was set on January 7, 2018 and amounted to $ 2.57.


Friends, more information about the project Neufund and Equity Token Offering, you can read on the official website of the project – neufund.org. And on this our review of the cryptocurrency NEU can be considered complete.

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