What is Plex, what is it for and how does it work? – How to Download and Install Plex on Kodi

What is Plex, what is it for and how does it work? – How to Download and Install Plex on Kodi

Do you want to learn to to install the Plex add-on on Kodi? So you have arrived at the correct article, considering that in the next few lines we are going to show you all the details that you have to consider regarding this much-requested tutorial.

Although it is true that there are important differences between these two platforms, in case you do not want to have to install each one on its own, there is always the option to install one inside the other, as we are going to teach you. Learn what are the best add-ons to download and install on Kodi media player.

Install Plex and Kodi

Well, let’s go from then on from the base that you already have Kodi installation, so we are going to show you how to install Plex on it.

The first thing then will be to open the Kodi application, running it regularly. The interesting thing is that the Plex add-on It is among the contents that we can install in it, so we will not have to force compatibility between environments.

Of course, it is necessary that you are previously registered in Plex and that you have installed its application on your computer, which is the device that will then function as a server from that moment on.

Once you have run Kodi, you have to go to the column you have on the left side of the application and enter Add-ons, to see all that are available, entering the option Install from repository in the upper right part of the screen.

There you will see a screen with different folders with repositories, although they interest us especially video add-ons, In which you have to enter looking for the one from Plex, which is the protagonist of this tutorial.

The truth is that when we talk about installing and configuring Kodi for Android, we are convinced that it is one of the best applications that we can consider. Therefore, today we are going to show you some of its most substantial accessories.

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Download Plex on Kodi

You will see that the information about Plex is rather limited, but in any case the important thing is that one has support for the other, so here you have to limit yourself to click to the Install button that is available there.

Kodi will proceed to automatically install the Plex add-on, a procedure that should take a few seconds. When finished, you have to go back to the main Kodi screen, where you will notice that the app de Plex already appears.

As simple as that is install Plex and Kodi, something that has not taken you more than a few seconds. You only have to identify yourself in Plex with your username and password or register, and you will be able to use this service within the other.

You’ve probably heard at some point about Plex, as a multimedia content management and access platform that is gaining place among users around the world.

Well, if you have doubts about what is Plex or how it works, you just have to keep reading, because below we will teach you some details about this service, which will allow you to know it in more detail, and thus know if you want it or not in your life.

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What is Plex?

Well, in the first instance then we have to say that Plex is an application that has been developed so that you can turn your computer into a multimedia center for the best use of all the content hosted therein. Some even like to say that thanks to this system you can create a kind of your own Netflix managing your series, movies, others.

One of the Plex advantages is that it is compatible with practically all audio and video formats, in addition to allowing us to connect to specific channels such as TED, Comedy Central or SoundCloud. It also has no storage capacity limit other than that of your hard drive.

And if that were not enough, you should bear in mind that when you configure this tool, you will be able to access your files from any other device, although then you will need the Plex Media Server application on the computer,

In addition to that, there is the so-called Plex Client, thanks to which we can access the contents and manage them remotely from almost any environment or device such as Android, iOS, Windows, GNU / Linux, macOS, SmartTV, Chromecast, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Plexus on Kodi is a complement to the best and most popular Kodi programs

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How Plex works

Well, if you want to take advantage of Plex then the first thing you have to do is download the application Plex Media Server from its official website. When installing it, you have to launch it, and register within the system, entering username and password as usual.

Once this is done, you will go to the main control panel, so that you can fully manage the Media library, editing or managing it as you prefer. There you will see photographs, music, series, movies, whatever you want. You can even name it whatever you want.

Beyond this, it is important that you always remember both your username and your password, because it is the information that will allow you to enter all of them later. your Plex content from any other smart device, a fundamental question.

What else would you like to know about Plex or how it works? Have you been able to install the Plex add-on on Kodi with this tutorial? Any questions about it, as always, you just have to ask us. Did you also know that you can configure Kodi on Smart TV

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