What is the Chat Banner on Instagram for? – Highlight your Messages

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What is the Chat Banner on Instagram for? – Highlight your Messages

The Instagram platform is the social network most popular of the moment, a space where everyone can interact and share their moments. And due to the increase in messages that are sent and received by this means, this application has the chat flag so that your messages do not lose sight of them.

But What is the chat banner on Instagram for? And how can you have the Chat flag on Instagram if you don’t get it? These and other questions are explained in the article. Pay a lot of attention.

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How can I have the chat flag on Instagram if I don’t get it?

Instagram direct messaging is used by millions of users, messages are received and sent daily. Because flag chat messages Is very useful. To have this flag you must do the following: You enter the Instagram application, then click on the icon to enter the messages, this icon is represented by an image in the form of a paper plane.

Once inside the messaging service, you must enter the chat you want to mark and click on the icon of a flag that is located at the top. That way you can have the chat banner on instagram and keep track of your priority messages, they will be displayed with a small orange mark in the corner

Does the new Instagram banner have any important function?

The Flag icon on Instagram chat Its function is to highlight a message that the user considers marking to read later or because it considers it very important that it should be read again. You should know that this flag replaces the image of the star that was previously used to highlight a chat. Here are more details:

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Highlight your posts

Many times a publication catches our attention and we want mark it to save it. With the flag icon you can do it. This icon is located at the bottom of the main section where the publications are. Clicking on that icon will save that post to a private tab on your profile.

In that tab you will see the publications that you have stored and that you can see how many times you want. Because you have selected it as a featured story on Instagram for you. That way with the flag icon your Instagram posts stand out.

Highlighting the messages

You are probably one of those who receive many messages and perhaps you do not have time to view and respond to messages on Instagram. Or it may be that a particular message attracted your attention. The way to have these messages in view, either to respond at an appropriate time or view and read it as many times as you want, is marking it with the instagram chat flag.

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It is a way of highlighting the messages that are of priority or interest to you. With the symbol of the flag they can stand out and thus be able to have them in view on any occasion.

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How do I make my highlights private to other users?

This option can also be done when entering the App and then you go to settings, there you can hide your featured publications and select to hide all, so only you will have access to all those publications. Which indicates that they are out of the way and out of sight of the other users you have on Instagram.

How to find featured content on Instagram?

How featured content is store in a private tab within your profileTo see it, you just have to go to the Instagram platform, enter your profile and there you will see the album where all the marked content is. In the case of messages, when entering the chat, the marked messages will be displayed.

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What should I do to sort featured posts and posts on Instagram?

By highlighting a content you create a section where all those saved messages are stored. When entering the album, you click on the Collections tab where you can organize the content according to a topic of your interest, giving a name to that folder and create another Instagram collection.