What is the PUK Code? How to know which one is yours and use it to unlock the mobile

What is the PUK Code? How to know which one is yours and use it to unlock the mobile

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If you are here, you may have gotten the warning on your PUK mobile phone; which is an acronym whose acronyms are: Personal Unlock Key. Now, what is this notice? and What can I do to fix it? We will answer questions like these in this article.

Next we will see the definition of this notice or notice to find out what it is about and the causes that led to this ad on the mobile device.

The Personal Unlock Key or PUK, is a well-known security system which is currently used by the vast majority of telephone companies and mobile devices.

Why security? Because this notice generated upon failure more than three times when the password is entered.

How to know the PUK code?

For everyone who has had a telephone, it is your knowledge that it is imperative know the default key to get your phone chip to work, otherwise it will not start, and your phone will be left as if it is in airplane mode.

After you enter your PIN code incorrectly more than three times, you will be locked to protect your account from a stranger who could steal your information. You will need to enter a code to unlock the account and be able to use it optimally and functionally.

Let’s see some characteristics that you should take into account of this security method:

  • Protect your account security, as well as all your information from malicious people who could act for your harm.
  • It also gives you a second chance to prove that you are the account owner, and can access the company’s services without any other restrictions.

Steps to follow to unblock the PUK code

If you do not know what to do, or where to find these codes to be able to unblock your account and enable services connection provided by your provider, below we show you a series of detailed steps for you to follow so that you can solve your problem easily and quickly.

What is interesting and worth mentioning is that we can find this code in different ways In order to access the connection services that will be available to us, for this we follow a series of easy and simple steps:

Step 1: find the chip card

The most practical, efficient and simple option to execute is to search for the PUK code on the card where the chip came from. The PIN and PUK are registered on this card so that you can access it easily.

You will only have to look for this card to enter in your device the PUK code that appears there, you do not have to confuse and add the PIN number, since it will clearly come out incorrect. So be careful and make sure the numbers are correct.

Step 2: contact the customer service operator

person icon gear messaging and text on light blue background

In case you have lost or misplaced the card where in the PUK code, you should contact the customer service operator from the company you bought the chip from.

For this, you could enter their website to find all the corresponding information on how to contact them.

Once you contact the company, it will ask for your username and password to verify that it is really you, then the operator will provide you with the code you need.

Step 3: enter your username and password on the platform of the line

If for some reason the operator does not answer you, you could log in with your username and password, so you can enter the platform of your company that provides these services.

From there you you will be able to access all the information pertinent to your account, including the PUK code.

Once you have found the code using any of these options, all you have to do is enter it without making a mistake on the device, which will immediately start booting with your local provider’s signal fully established.

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