What is the Scroll Network (SCRL) – How Does it Works? (Easy To Understand)

What is the Scroll Network (SCRL) - How Does it Works? (Easy To Understand)

What is the Scroll Network cryptocurrency (SCRL)? – In addition to the number of news that was published on our website today, we decided to tell you about Scroll cryptocurrency, and about the solutions, it provides to business.

What is a Scroll cryptocurrency?

Scroll cryptocurrency is a digital token of the Scroll Network blockchain platform. This platform is a network for storing, transmitting and sharing information. Scroll Network can be useful both for businesses and individuals who have a need for decentralized systems for storing information.

When creating a Scroll Network project, his team sets 4 main tasks:

  • provide low transaction fees;
  • create a flexible architecture that adapts to the load and activity;
  • implementation of the P2VP consensus model;
  • develop a simple and intuitive interface.

To ensure that users who store their data on the Scroll network are safe for the safety of their data, the project developers will create a unique identification system. All data placed on the Scroll network will be distributed between different nodes with privileges. This approach will help protect the network from outside interference and, as a result, information leakage.

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Scroll Network Features

Most of the features of this project, we described in the 1st paragraph of this article, so there is nothing more to say about them. Although, let’s note the fact that the Scroll Network is developing on the Ethereum blockchain, and its tokens work on the ERC20 protocol.

When creating the Scroll Network, the developers focus not only on the scalability of the network but also on the reliability of the operations performed, because only in this way will it be possible to gain the trust of users. If you schematically depict the project Scroll Network, then it would look like this.

Scroll Network Features

Perspectives of the Scroll Network Project

In general, analysts and experts are well aware of the future of the project, but as “God himself knows” how it will actually happen. The Scroll Network project will stand out among similar business solutions. But, probably, one should not expect from the investment in Scroll tokens large salaries.

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Where to buy Scroll cryptocurrency

95% of all trades in Scroll tokens occur on the Latoken exchange, the remaining 5% turn around on the Hobit exchange. At these sites, SCRL tokens can be purchased for ETH. The cost of 1 SCRL is $ 0.1 with 142 million tokens issued and $ 15 million in capitalization.

It should be noted that immediately after the addition of SCRL tokens to the listing on the stock exchange, their value began to grow actively and reached $ 0.36 per share. At this moment, the daily turnover of trading in these tokens reached 800 thousand, which is 6 times more than the current mark.


For more information about the development of the project Scroll Network, you can read on its official website – www.scroll.network. In the same place, you can get acquainted with his team and plans for the future.

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