What is Web APP or PWA, what are they for and how do these web applications work?

What is Web APP or PWA, what are they for and how do these web applications work?

The way we browse the Internet has been modified with Over time, to the point that we no longer need to get home to connect, but we can do it from our mobile devices.

From this, it is that many specialists in this field They have started to bet directly on the web app, a concept that not everyone knows, and about which we want to stop so that you can discover it in depth.

Therefore, in the following lines we are not only going to talk about web apps, but also what are their most common uses, their windows and disadvantages, in addition to comparing them with some other apps and similar content.

What is a web app?

Well, in the first instance we have to say that a web app or web application is nothing other than an improved version of the web page, that is, an optimized version of it, which has been adjusted for mobile devices or tablets.

The advantage of these systems is that as are uploaded to the server and run in the browser, we do not need to carry out a previous installation. At the same time, we can create shortcuts on the desktop if that interests us.

To this day we can say that they exist very varied web apps, which allow us to execute all kinds of actions from our mobile devices, although we will talk about them in detail below.

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What uses and applications can we obtain with a web app?

There are various uses that we can give to web apps, taking into account that although they emerged from the business environment, little by little they have become more famous in general terms, acquiring web interfaces available to all types of users.

As for some of the most common uses that were given to them in their early days, meanwhile, we have to talk about a better interaction between company and customer, in addition to increasing ROI, another not minor detail for large firms.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using them?


  • Being multiplatform, we do not need a version for each device and operating system
  • They do not take up storage space on the device
  • They do not need updates, since we always access the latest version
  • We save time since it is not necessary to install or download them
  • They are not usually affected by viruses
  • They are easy to design
  • They reach all users
  • They adapt to all modern browsers


  • They necessarily require an Internet connection
  • All user information is connected to the web application
  • Its functionality is limited so that it can be useful on all devices and operating systems
  • They do not have as much visibility as they do not appear in the application stores

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Differences between web app and native app

We then go on to analyze the differences between a web app and a native app, taking into account that a web app always needs an Internet connection, while this does not happen with a native app.

On the other hand, a web app does not need to be downloaded from the official stores, but we can access them from our browser, which means that we do not even have to install it.

Finally, web apps work indistinctly in all operating systems and devices, something that does not happen with native applications, which need specific versions for each of them.

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Differences between web app and web page

Nor can we fail to mention the differences that exist between a web app and a web page, starting with the fact that the seconds are static, instead the apps are constantly updated.

On the other hand, a web application needs user interaction to achieve its mission, while the website is limited to providing information, and we do not have to interact with it.

Regarding its development, we can say that the websites they are cheaper and require less time, while web apps require more time to develop, as well as greater knowledge of programming languages ​​or databases.

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List of the best web apps so far

Finally, we do not want to stop telling you some of the best examples the web apps, the following:

  • Facebook
  • Google Maps
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Filmaffinity
  • AliExpress
  • Flipkart
  • Twitter Lite
  • BookMyShow
  • Forbes
  • S $
  • Pinterest
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Settled

Have you heard lately about progressive web apps or progressive web apps, also called PWA? The truth is that it is convenient that little by little you get acquainted with this term, because it will be more and more common.

Instead we have WhatsApp Web, a platform that although not bad at all, we have to maintain it always connected to our smartphone,

The first thing you have to consider in this regard is that we are talking about a technology that, although it has been known for some time, slowly it is becoming more common for most users.

They already work, in fact, on platforms such as browsers Google Chrome, Firefox y Safari, known as the best and most used Internet browsers in the world.

We continue to define a web application

In the first instance then, we have to ask ourselves what we are talking about when we speak about a web application, since the applications for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS are not the only ones, but these also exist.

The advantage of them is that they do not depend on any particular operating system, but we can run them with all their contents and functions directly from any browser. For that, both Twitter como Facebook are two good examples of web applications. In the same way, there are websites to download photos and images for my WhatsApp or Facebook profile

Now, many will know at the same time that there is also, for example, a native Twitter application for Windows 10, whose difference with the web application is that we have to install it in Windows 10 for it to work. Although it is true that native applications are usually more complete, reliable and fluid than web, we will not be able to run them without first installing them.

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What is a progressive web application?

Well, from what we have mentioned previously, it is time then to stop at the so-called progressive web apps, which are nothing other than traditional websites, but which behave more like normal applications than web applications.

Thus, eWe are getting both the benefits of web applications and native applications on a single system, so it is a really advantageous situation for most of the users in question.

Many of the world’s leading companies, including both Windows and Google, are beginning to pay more and more attention to progressive web applications, and that is why it is likely that we will soon have to get used to them.

In fact, we are not talking about something that is not the natural evolution of web applications, although of course, in order for them to work without any problems, it will also be necessary for us to be always connected to the internet.

What else would you like to know about progressive web applications?

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