What to do to rotate a PDF without program help? – Solution

What to do to rotate a PDF without program help? – Solution

Editing PDF documents can be quite annoying, because sometimes we need to use programs to edit them and it is normal to get confused looking for programs that in the end do not meet our expectations. However, searching for all these programs is unnecessary in most cases: for small editions, external software is not necessary.

In what scenarios can rotating the pages of a PDF document serve me?

On some occasions you will receive or download PDF documents which either due to errors or the editing format have some or all of their inverted pages Or maybe you are the one who needs to edit the file and changing the orientation will be much easier and faster than redoing the document.

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The PDF format is the most versatile for this type of modification unlike text documents which have a greater variety of options but they are also more complicated to use. In the case of having this type of file, it is best to convert the Word file to a PDF file.

What are the steps I need to follow to change the orientation of a PDF?

You can use websites that do the work for you or use the programs that you normally use to read documents. You don’t need to download any program additional to do so.

For a website

The best option on the whole internet is the Smallpdf tool to rotate PDF, this page allows not only to rotate our PDF document but also also do a lot of modifications to any file we upload.

To use this platform we will simply have to upload files to page from the multiple options that they give us and choose in which direction to rotate the document. When it is finished, we just have to download the document to our computer.

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If it is important information and you are very concerned about the privacy of your filesThe first thing to tell you is that this type of page does not compromise your information and if you want an extra layer of security for your files, we recommend you encrypt your PDF documents.

In Adobe Acrobat

Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat as you normally do and select to sort pages in the tools section or from the page itself. You can rotate all the pages or the pages you select pressing the Shift key and clicking on the pages you want to rotate or you can choose which pages to rotate.

Finally you must save the changes either in the same folder where the original file was (replacing it) or by saving it in another folder and creating a new one (if you don’t save the file you will lose the changes made).

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In Adobe Acrobat mobile app

The procedure on mobile it is very similar to the desktop version of the application: except for some differences in the interface, the sections to rotate the PDF document, the steps are the same and saving the document after making the modifications is still necessary.

trick to rotate a pdf without downloading a program

Is it possible to rotate a page in PDF using my computer keyboard?

Yes and no. Technically you can use all the options that we recommend in this article to turn the pages of a PDF, but using the keyboard only in this task is something quite complicated that it is not recommended unless in extreme cases where it is the only tool available.

How can I rotate multiple PDFs at the same time?

From the Smallpdf platform you can rotate all the PDFs that you upload at the same time and download them together without any additional step. If you use file readers then you won’t be able to change them all at the same time: you will have to modify them one by one until you have finished with the respective work.

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If none of these options is for you or you want make more modifications than simply rotating pages in the PDF file, there are a wide variety of PDF document editors with which you can both rotate pages and many other modifications.

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