Whatsapp functions you need to know to be an expert

12 Whatsapp functions you need to know to be an expert in the application and take advantage of all its tools quickly.

Everyone uses Whatsapp today, but only a few know how to use each feature it includes. Becoming a Whatsapp expert means not only making the most of its internal communication tools, but also wasting less time chatting, perhaps writing the same message to several people or explaining where we are in words.
If in another article I had written about hidden tricks and secrets of Whatsapp on Android and iPhone, this time we do a summary of its native functions, options and possibilities, to be experts of this application no longer just about messages.

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1) Chat from PC and reply to messages
WhatsApp now has a website to chat from as if you were using your smartphone. The problem is that the site only works if you have an Android smartphone (it doesn’t work if you have an iPhone) and if the mobile phone is online connected to the internet.
In fact, the Whatsapp chat via web from PC it is just an application dependent interface on the phone.
In addition to the web interface it is possible, as explained in another article, to reply to Whatsapp messages from a PC, from the notification that can be displayed on the screen, even without activating and using Whatsapp via the website.

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2) Know the time when a message was read and delivered
Next to each message we send appears the time we sent it. However, this time may be different from the conesgna and the reading. Delivery would be when this message arrives at the recipient’s cell phone and reading is when it is actually opened and read. Then touch our message by holding down on Android or swiping left on iPhone to know the time of delivery and read.
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3) Disable the display for others of the date of the last time we used Whatsapp online
A function to know if you do not want to let others know when we used Whatsapp the last time and thus maintain a minimum of privacy is to choose whether to show the last access to everyone, only to contacts or to anyone.
Go to the application menu, in the tab Settings and then move on Account – > Privacy to find the option.
In this same screen you can disable the Whatsapp read receipt and choose who can see our profile photo and status.

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4) Send the same message to multiple people
Whatsapp experts, instead of copying and pasting and opening different chats with various people, Whatsapp has a little known but very clever function called Broadcast.
From the main menu button at the top right you can then create a new broadcast, choose the people to include and then chat so that what we write is received by everyone while what others respond to us is received only by us and not also from other people included in the broadcast.
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5) Silent group chat
One of the best features in WhatsApp’s arsenal is group messaging which can include as many as 100 people together writing at the same time. It is obvious, however, that in a crowded group chat, receiving a notification every time someone writes becomes absurd. For this reason you can make it so that it is silent and does not show notifications on the phone. From the group chat, press the option key and then put on Silent. You can block notifications for eight hours, a week, or a full year. On Android you can choose to continue receiving notifications in the top bar, without sound.

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6) Email chats
If you want to keep a chat or send a conversation to someone, you can do so on Android by tapping the options button and then tapping on More and on iPhone by tapping the bar at the top of a conversation window. The email will include both the Emoji and any attached media and photos. In both cases, the default e-mail client opens with a pre-prepared message.

7) Add a conversation to the home screen (Android only).
To quickly access the most frequent conversations, open one, then press the menu at the top right, go to More and then tap on Add link. An icon with the name of the contact or group and their picture will appear on the Android home screen.
Do not forget that Whatsapp also has three widgets to read conversations without opening Whatsapp.

8) Share the location
One of the most useful features of Whatsapp is that you can easily tell a friend where we are in the chat, by sending them our precise location via GPS or by choosing from several suggested places or by selecting a point on the map. On Android just press the attachment button (the black paperclip) and choose the Position while on the iPhone you have to tap the button Share lower left.

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9) Forward messages and pictures to other friends
Like in the best email clients, WhatsApp includes a forwarding function to share a funny joke or photo received with someone else within the same application, on another chat. On an Android smartphone, press and hold on the message to share, tap if you want other messages by selecting them, then tap on the Next button at the top right and choose a new contact from the list.
On iOS the process is a bit more complicated: long press on a chat message, go to the standard iOS sharing menu and choose Whatsapp. On both Android and iPhone, you can select multiple lines of text and images.

10) Save images, photos, videos and audio messages to the memory
On iOS, everything received in WhatsApp is automatically saved in the phone’s Camera Roll and, from there, to all other synchronized photo services such as Dropbox or iCloud. If you don’t want this to happen, you can disable it in the settings, at Chat Settings. On Android, this option is missing because the received photos and videos are saved in a separate folder from the main Gallery. From the Chat settings you can block the automatic download of multimedia files in order to save bandwidth and battery.

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11) Chat backup and transfer
On Android, WhatsApp chats are automatically saved to your device every day. On iOS, you can instead connect Whatsapp to iCloud to save conversations automatically.
We talked about these procedures in the article on how to recover deleted whatsapp messages and history

12) Yes, it can mute a single contact so that each of his messages received is not signaled by the phone and you can also set a custom ringtone.

13) Mark read or unread messages
If you don’t have time to reply to a message, so as not to forget to re-read it, you can mark it as unread, just like with emails. From the chat window, press and hold on a conversation to bring up the menu containing the option “Mark as unread“.
If, on the other hand, you receive many unread messages, perhaps from a group, to avoid scrolling all you can touch and hold to mark everything as read, without opening the chat. Note that these changes do not affect the notifications with blue ticks of those who wrote to us, but only concern their own phone. The options Mark as read / unread are also available on WhatsApp Web.

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14) Personalized notifications for people and groups
If, as usual, you have contacts who are more important than others, you can set a different notification ringtone for messages received from them. Open a chat and tap the title bar to find the option to set a different custom notification sound. Besides the sound you can also change the vibration effect, the notification popup and the LED light color for new messages.

Even if everyone knows it by now, I remember that you can too call for free with Whatsapp, as already abundantly written.