WhatsApp: if they spy on you, we explain how to avoid it

How to Check if Someone Cloned Your...
How to Check if Someone Cloned Your Whatsapp

WhatsApp: if they spy on you, we explain how to avoid it – One of the things that worries us the most is the fact that someone is spying on our WhatsApp account. That is, the possibility that it can be opened by another remote device (seriously, this is possible). Fortunately, there are ways to know about this, as well as to find out if these people are controlling conversations.

How to know if they are spying on WhatsApp Web

If someone is very interested in our life, the most likely thing is that they spy on them on WhatsApp Web. Surely, they will have stolen their smartphone temporarily and, in a few seconds, connected the WhatsApp account to a PC (or even to another device), through the WhatsApp Web feature. In this way, that person will have a “duplicate” of our account on that computer. He will see our messages and can even reply, even if we have recovered the smartphone. Of course, WhatsApp will work normally and as always. However, everything we send and receive will be reflected on that computer.

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To find out if they spy on our WhatsApp, the evidence will appear on the mobile itself in the form of a notification. If one or more computers with an open session appear in the menu, WhatsApp is open on those others or on another device. Your account is “hacked” and they are spying on you and reading your messages. If a camera screen pops up to scan a QR code, no one is spying on you.

What to do if WhatsApp is open on another mobile phone or PC

To prevent WhatsApp from being spied on, what needs to be done is to close all open sessions. In doing so, the other person accesses the account immediately. To prevent this from happening again, the most effective solution is to configure the cell phone screen lock with a pin or fingerprint. In this way, even if someone takes the device, they cannot access the WhatsApp application and connect it to a PC via WhatsApp Web.

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Another way to avoid this is to protect access to the WhatsApp application with an “app locker” application. You can also use additional security, such as secure folder or hide WhatsApp on Android or iPhone.

How to know if WhatsApp is managed by others

WhatsApp guarantees communication with every contact with a code or password. If you both have the same code or key, you can rest easy. As WhatsApp indicates, no one is eavesdropping on your messages or calls with that contact. Your WhatsApp is not hacked. Both people can make sure you have the same code on the conversation screen. In the menu (top right), select “View contact”. Finally, “Cipher”. The numbers you see must be the same on both phones.

WhatsApp notifies you when a contact’s security code has changed. If your security code is different from your contact, your connection is not completely secure and may have been hacked. This can happen if the contact reinstalled WhatsApp or changed their phone. To solve this problem, send a message to the contact to force the reconfiguration of the same code.

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How to know if WhatsApp is open on another device (second possibility)

Another way they can spy on us WhatsApp is by activating the account on another device. Basically, register our WhatsApp number on another mobile and, during their configuration, they retrieve all chats or conversations saved in the application. Someone can do this by taking our device or SIM card for a moment, receive the verification code sent by WhatsApp to be able to configure it on another computer.

In this case, it is very easy to know if they are spying on WhatsApp. On our smartphone it will be impossible to verify the account because my phone number has been registered on another device. The solution is obviously to use the “Verify” button to regain control of the account.

There is a sophisticated way WhatsApp offers to prevent this from happening again. It is the two-step verification system. When you try to activate WhatsApp on another device, you will be asked for a security code that only you will know. Without that code it will be impossible for another person to register WhatsApp on another computer.

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Uninstall spy apps

Uninstall any application that is a threat to your data or privacy. To be safe, scan your mobile phone for potentially spy apps you may have installed. If there is one, uninstall it (unless it has a purpose for you, like Cerberus for example, which is used to track your phone in case of theft).

A good tool for doing this is MalwareBytes. After the phone is scanned, uninstall it to avoid performance issues. Only use it strictly for sporadic scanning for applications of this type.

They are definitely not spying on WhatsApp

In addition to the above, there is no other way to intercept the spy on WhatsApp. But this allows you to see your messages or listen to your calls. It may know what time you connect or for how long, but nothing else.