WhatsApp privacy is a myth. Facebook even checks users’ encrypted conversations

WhatsApp privacy is a myth.  Facebook even checks users' encrypted conversations

The latest report on the site ProPublica points out that the privacy of WhatsApp, the global Facebook chat application, is just a myth, because the company can even view encrypted conversations. Of course, Facebook is also wearing white gloves, because it does all this in the name of safety.

The latest report targets WhatsApp privacy. Even encrypted messages do not give you anything, and due to security concerns, you can end up on the moderator’s table due to an algorithm error

According to ProPublica Access to WhatsApp users’ conversations is provided by Accenture, a moderator on behalf of Facebook, which employs at least 1,000 moderators. They, in turn, view all user-reported content that previously fell into the sieve of the machine learning algorithm. This is a problem as WhatsApp Inc., the company behind the app, insists that its parent company, Facebook, does not have access to user-to-user conversations.

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WhatsApp moderators around the world are tasked with screening for SPAM, disinformation, hate speech, potential terrorist activity, child pornography, and “sexual abuse businesses” in general. The way it works is that when one of the interlocutors reports a message, the algorithm enters the game in search of suspicious content. If it searches for them, it will “forward them along with the previous four messages, images or videos to the moderator.”

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The moderators themselves, who average 600 complaints a day, confirmed in the report that the algorithm is inaccurate because it sends them an excessive amount of innocuous content. However, if these prove to be really damnable, the user is either blocked or added to your watchlist. This, in turn, with unencrypted messages, allows you to view detailed data about the interlocutor and his equipment. It is also known that the company shares some private data with law enforcement.

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