Why Am I Active On Facebook If I’m Offline – Effective Solution

Why Am I Active On Facebook If I’m Offline – Effective Solution

From the existence of la red social Facebook people have massively adapted to its use so much, so imagining oneself without this social network is almost impossible, since today it is one of the search tools of most used and trusted friends that can exist.

What is the correct procedure to log out of the current Facebook session?

If you want to log out of Facebook, it is similar to logging out of messenger sessions. This is the way In order not to remain active even if you are not active at that moment in the social network, you must press the button indicating logout or on the other hand, access the Facebook settings and press log out on all devices.

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In android

If you want to close your Facebook session from your Android device it is very easy, you just have to access the App de Facebook and then select the exit option in the settings section and voila, your session is automatically closed.

From the website

To log out from the Facebook website, you must first scroll to the top rightAt the bottom of this is the option to exit, you click and your session is closed.

On iPhone

Logging out of the Facebook application for the iPhone is almost the same as for any other device, since it is located within the menu at the top right, in there, at the end of that menu you will find the exit button, you select it and your Facebook session is closed.

In Facebook Lite

For log out of Facebook From your lite application, in the upper right part is the settings section that is identified by three lines one below the other, in that section scrolling to the end of that menu is the option to log out, you can select it and that’s it.

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Reasons why Facebook marks you as connected without logging in

The Facebook platform has reported issues with unauthorized logins by users, that is to say that without having an active session or having entered the social network, many still appeared active within Facebook, the possible reasons for this failure are presented below:


To ensure the logout and not appear active on Facebook, it is necessary that you delete your cookies and cache of your browser or your App, in this way you avoid inconveniences.

Automatic login

The main reason why Facebook users appear active even though they are not, is because some users give their Android device calendar permission to sync with Facebook account, in this way; every time an invitation or a notification is received from any friend of this social network, you will receive the notification and Facebook at that moment will take it as a login.

facebook messenger logo

Messenger bubbles activated

By downloading the Facebook Messenger chat they give you the opportunity to read messages and reply to them without opening the social network application, but at the same time; are one of the main causes that you appear active even if you are not logged into Facebook, since; When a message arrives, the chat bubble will be activated automatically and you will appear, this can be solved by deactivating the chat bubbles.

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Active sessions

Another reason is that you may have started on Facebook from your cell phone browser or from your computer and he has forgotten to close itTo verify it, you can access and select configuration, security option and then where you have logged in, in the latter you will see the sessions that you have active and you will be able to access the option to close them.

Platform issues

Unauthorized logins can sometimes be caused by login issues. the Facebook platform, since with more than 400 million users it is common that at some point there are failures in this platform.

What can I do to stop being connected on Facebook?

You can try log out of Facebook on any device on which you have logged in at a certain time, so you can remain inactive and on the other hand avoid hacks or unwanted logins in your Facebook account. Likewise, you can delete caches and cookies to prevent these from automatically activating your Facebook session.

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