Why do miners need Hive OS ? Best Mining Solution

Why does the miner need an operating system? Everything is simple: it greatly simplifies the mining process and management of ASIC and GPU platforms (this is especially important if you have a large server farm), helps improve equipment efficiency, and solve many different problems, such as incidents Reboot the hardware.

Sounds good enough? obviously. Considering your mining needs, the Hive OS operating system was created. Check out its main features:

Using the Hive OS, you can monitor hash rate, device temperature, power consumption, status of each device, etc. You can also apply various functions in batch and then send commands to thousands of devices at the same time. The Hive OS allows you to create plans to automatically execute commands, switch mining portfolios or pools, etc. It only takes a few clicks to start the Hive operating system. Equipment can be classified, grouped and filtered.

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Now, learn more about the most useful features of the Hive operating system.

Device overclocking

In simple terms, overclocking is all about “pushing” hardware out of factory settings to increase productivity and increase revenue. Overclocking can also be used to reduce power consumption. With the Hive operating system, you can create overclocking profiles and enhance your equipment in this way.

RX acceleration

With the RX Boost function, you can achieve maximum speed when using memory-intensive algorithms for mining on AMD RX 400/500 (Polaris series) video cards.

Integration with mining machines

The Hive OS supports the most popular miners, but if the required option isn’t on the list yet, you can integrate it yourself.

Hash watchdog

The Hive OS will independently monitor the performance of the ASIC or GPU devices – you don’t need to spend time on this. If the efficiency of one of the devices decreases, the watchdog will activate. The device restarts and returns to the required performance level.

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temperature control

With the Hive operating system, you can easily check the temperature of the device. First of all, even if you have hundreds of devices, you can easily monitor them all at the same time, this is possible with the help of heat maps. If one of the workers approaches the critical temperature, you will notice it immediately.

Secondly, in the Hive OS, in addition to the hash rate watchdog, there is also a temperature watchdog. If the hardware reaches a critical temperature, the watchdog will reboot the system or stop the mining process.

Third, to prevent critical temperatures, the Hive operating system ensures automatic fan control so that your employees’ temperature is always kept at the correct level.

Process automation

Using the scheduling function, you can create various events (for example, executing commands, applying overclocking profiles, etc.). So, by selecting an event and setting the repetition time and frequency, some mining processes can be automated.

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With the help of Hive OS statistics, you can easily monitor hardware and track device performance under different algorithms, temperature and other conditions. In addition, Hive OS will provide statistics on the energy consumption of the entire server farm and of each individual device.

Telegram and Discord notification

With Hive OS, you will always know the status of your device, this is possible because you can receive notifications in Telegram and Discord at the same time. What event notifications can you receive? Critical errors, poor performance, etc. – You will know all the important events.

But, of course, these aren’t all the useful features of Hive OS – the most important and popular features have been introduced in this article. You can find more here.

Use Hive OS per 1 rig mining for free.

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