Will this be what the foldable Honor Magic Fold will look like?

Oppo is to present its foldable smartphone in the coming days. Meanwhile, new information about the folded Honor Magic Fold has hit the network.

The foldable Honor Magic Fold can look really elegant

In the near future, more and more premieres of folded smartphones are waiting for us. On December 15, Oppo will show its model, and in the following months, Honor will do the same, launching (according to rumors) as many as two foldable devices. These will be Honor Magic X and Honor Magic Fold. The former will be a response to the Galaxy Flip, and the latter to the Galaxy Fold, folding up in the form of a “book”.

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For now, the technical specification of both devices remains a great secret, but the information so far has allowed one of the leaksters to develop renderings that can reflect the appearance of Magic Fold. We can immediately see that the design resembles the one we know from the Honor 50 and 60 series. So we have an island of cameras in the form of two circles, joined together on an oval surface. The rear flap, on the other hand, is smooth. The external screen, without a selfie camera indentation, would have quite narrow, even frames.

Source: @RODENT950.

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Of course, it should be remembered that this is only a render, so finally Honor Magic Fold may look completely different. Its release date is unknown, but we expect it to be around mid-2022.