Windows 10, the files disappear from the storage drive: Microsoft promises a fix

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Snipping Tool not working on Windows 11

The last one Patch Tuesday seems to have brought more problems than benefits to users of Windows 10. After the problem related to the recovery procedure, in fact, some users also reported some instabilities on the desktop. The first reports go back to last week, fra sudden disappearances of files on the desktop, or unsolicited wallpaper restores to the default images. All after installing the Patch Tuesday of February on Windows 10 1909 is 1903.

We therefore refer to the latest releases of the Microsoft operating system, better known as Windows 10 November 2019 Update is Windows 10 May 2019 Update, both very similar in functionality. The problem seems to be caused by a bug in the update process code, which creates a temporary profile on Windows PCs with personal files saved on the desktop and the shortcuts on the Start Menu, without transferring them to the new account.

The Microsoft support team has already responded to Windows Latest about the issue, which is already under investigation and a definitive fix will arrive soon: "Microsoft is aware of this known issue and our engineers are working hard to find a solution," he said. a company spokesperson.

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Windows 10, files disappeared after update. How to fix

The same manager Microsoft also stated that the company managed to resolve the bug by creating a new user account by transferring the data present in the temporary account created in the update process by inserting them in the new one. After this procedure you can cancel the temporary account.

To date, it is not known how many computers are involved in this new bug, but it seems that the company is once again the protagonist of easily avoidable problems. It seems that the Release Preview channel still needs further refinements in order to guarantee superior reliability, with the channel used precisely to allow users to report bugs that present themselves with the versions that will be released quickly to the mass public.