Windows 11 Enterprise Virtual Machine Image Downloads

Windows 11 Enterprise Virtual Machine Image Downloads

Windows 11 Enterprise virtual machine images are now available. You can download the images for several popular virtualization applications directly from the Microsoft developer website.

Keep in mind that virtual images include more than a simple installation of Windows 11 Enterprise. They are designed for developers and include various applications, for example Virtual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio Code. Developer mode is also automatically enabled on these installations.

How to download Windows 11 Enterprise

Note that the page title mentions Windows 10: Get Windows 10 Desktop Environment, but the downloads are for Windows 11; This is likely something that Microsoft has overlooked and will address in the future.

To download the virtual machine images, do the following:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Developer website. Downloads are listed directly on the site that opens.
  2. Select one of the available Windows 11 Enterprise virtual machine images. They are all about 20 Gigabytes in size. The last is the VMWare image, the smallest is the Parallels image The following virtual images are provided:
    1. Imagen virtual de VMWare Windows 11 Enterprise.
    2. Imagen virtual de Hyper-V Windows 11 Enterprise.
    3. Virtual image of VirtualBox Windows 11 Enterprise.
    4. Imagen virtual de Parallels Windows 11 Enterprise.
  3. The file download begins immediately after one of the buttons on the page is activated.
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The virtual machine images will automatically expire on January 9, 2022. They contain a Windows 11 Enterprise installation with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu) and developer mode enabled.

Windows Terminal, Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2019, and Windows 10 SDK version 2004 are also installed.

The virtual machine images are primarily intended for developers, but no developer can also use them to run Windows 11 Enterprise. Unless Enterprise is specifically required, it may be faster to download another edition of Windows 11 and create a virtual machine image manually using the downloaded ISO file.

Tip– Check out our guide on downloading Windows 11 ISO images here.

Closing words

The evaluation period seems pretty short, considering images expire in early January 2022. Add the holiday period from a part of the world to that and you’ll end up with just a few weeks in which the environment can be used in organizations. .

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