Windows 11 with Android applications? It used to be like that

Microsoft unveils the new Paint application for Windows 11

Windows 11 testing is still ongoing, but at least we know the official release date. However, we can not count that immediately after the debut we will get access to all the announced functions.

Android apps on Windows 11 will be, but when?

One of the anticipated novelties to be brought by the new Microsoft operating system will be the ability to use Android applications on a computer. Of course, it is possible all the time, but for now only with the use of an appropriate program. Windows 11 is to introduce their native support. We expected such an important feature to come into our hands with the system update from the “ten” to the new version.

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It turns out, however, that we will have to wait a long time for the integration of the android environment. Earlier, Microsoft mentioned that the feature will appear in the Insider program within a few months. Now the speech is already in the middle of next year. what is the reason for the delay? Unfortunately, we do not know.

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It is worth remembering that the applications will be available in the Microsoft Store thanks to the integration with the Amazon Appstore, not Google. In this case, you will need an Amazon account to use the application. And this in turn means that if we have an application purchased on our smartphone and we want to run it on a PC, we will have to pay for it again. We will not see our game progress either, because we will have a different account. Additionally, some applications may not be found on the computer at all.

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