Windows XP will not be able to upgrade to Windows 7

As reports, Windows XP users will not be able to use the new brainchild from Microsoft as an update, but only in the form of installing a new OS.

To mitigate this negative fact, Microsoft is going to release utilities to facilitate data migration. It remains unclear why the process of switching from one OS to another is so complicated. To simplify the move, you could simply integrate some compatibility software into the installation of a new operating system, or even update directly. Apparently there were really good reasons for this.

Of course, although the process will not be as straightforward and straightforward as upgrading from Vista to XP, users will still be able to install Windows 7 without losing important data.
All installed applications will have to be reinstalled.

It is also reported that the licensing system will not change and all Windows XP users will be able to purchase the so-called upgrade-license for Windows 7 at a discount from the price for new users.

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Let’s remind that yesterday from the statement of Microsoft it became known about the forms of release and licensing of the new OS. The Windows 7 operating system will be released in six editions – five major and one “for developing countries”, and users of Windows Vista of any edition can upgrade to Windows 7 of the same or higher edition, not excluding the owners of the Starter edition of Vista.

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