Wireless Boost Up Charger and HDMI 2.1 Cable (48Gbps) from Belkin

Many times we have peripherals and everyday items that go unnoticed, such as a charger for smartphones, or an HDMI cable. However, today we have smartphones, mouses, or smartwatch that support wireless charging, so take a look at a peripheral like this, nothing is wrong. Similarly, the amount of information that is being processed in video, with 4K and 8K resolutions, makes it necessary to use cables that support these new standards.

Belkin, is a well-known company that manufactures high quality specialized supplies and peripherals, among these we have its wireless charger

Wireless Charger Boost Up 7.5W (Standard Qi)

The trend in technology has been to reduce the amount of cables, the use of wireless technologies has become enormously massive, and one of them is inductive charging for portable devices.

For smartphones or tablets, there are varied offers of wireless chargers, many of them of doubtful origin. But to avoid heating problems, or delay in loading, Belkin has the solution.

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Boost Up is your wireless charger, based on the Qi standard, so it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Apple. The surface is white plastic, in the center of which is a non-slip rubber ring, to prevent our smartphone or tablet from moving, in addition to providing a small separation space. In this way the heat caused by wireless charging dissipates a little.

The base is the same gray rubber (a bit dirty for use), and non-slip. The power cable is plugged into one side, where there is a notch that allows it to be perfectly installed.

This charger offers a charging power of up to 7.5W, allowing fast charging on most devices, including the latest Apple iPhone.

We had no problem with the charger, it behaved accordingly, and it did not cause our smartphone to get too hot, clearly helped by the rubber band, which grants approximately 3mm of separation, from the surface of the charger to the device.

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The fast charge operated without problems, and the difference is noted by having these 7.5W of charging power, versus others that are more traditional and slow. In addition, the solidity and manufacturing quality of this Boost Up is something that gives you more confidence, than a brand like Belkin already gives you.

Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI Cable (HDMI 2.1)

Something, really few people care about, is video cables. Perhaps many do not even know that there are different cables, depending on the standard you want to use. For example, HDMI in version 2.1, is a standard that supports resolutions up to 10K @ 120Hz, which requires moving a much larger amount of data than the HDMI 2.0 standard.

So the cable must be certified that it can move that amount of data, 48Gbps to be more precise, and it is in this case that Belkin has for us its HDMI Ultra High Speed ​​cable.

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This HDMI cable, supports up to 48Gbps of transfer, in addition to being certified for Dolby Vision and 4K HDR.

With a length of 2.2mts, it is more than enough to connect our equipment to a monitor or screen that meets some of the features of this standard.

Final Words

Being on par with the new technologies is something that costs, especially today, where the pace of updating is getting faster and faster, and where daily implements are often not taken into account, and we believe they are all the same.

Especially knowing that we have, for example, an HDMI cable certified for the latest technology and standard available, gives us the peace of mind that we can enjoy without problems content to the fullest, where we would only be limited by the hardware, and not by the means of transport.

The price is clearly something to consider, for example the wireless charger Boost Up, it costs $ 49.99USD, and SPDigital, the cable HDMI Ultra High Speed.

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