Wuhan's coronavirus forces Huawei to postpone a developer conference

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Huawei had to postpone an important developer conference because of the new one coronavirus 2019-nCoV, which causes quite aggressive pneumonia and is suspected of having already killed 25 people in China, the country in which the virus apparently came to light, and of having infected at least 600 of them. In particular, most cases of infection were found in the gigantic city of Wuhan (about 11 million inhabitants), which is now in quarantine.

Wuhan and Shenzhen, the place where the HDC.Cloud 2020 and where the company's headquarters are located, they are far apart (a thousand miles), but Huawei does not want to risk it. On the other hand, the alert level in China is quite high – the Beijing government has decided to suspend all celebratory events for the Chinese New Year, for example, in order to minimize travel and contagion risks, given that apparently the virus is transmitted by human to human with some ease.

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Many large Chinese companies, including also Foxconn and Huawei itself, distributed masks and suggested to its employees to avoid traveling or participating in the celebrations. Of course, foreign countries are also gearing up to deal with and contain any emergencies. For example, from this morning to Fiumicino passengers arriving from Wuhan are visited at the time of disembarkation.

As the name clearly implies, HDC.Cloud 2020 mainly deals with topics of interest to the professional IT sector. The original date was 11-12 February, the new one was set at March 27-28. It is clear that since this is a rapidly evolving situation, it is said that there will be no other changes.