XPG Hunter, the new notebook memories reach 32 GB and 3000 MHz

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ADATA introduced his new family of SO-DIMM memories for small notebooks and desktops (SFF, small form factor).

SO-DIMM DDR4 XPG Hunter offer data rates of up to 3000 MT / s and capacities from 8 GB to 32 GB, allowing laptops with two slots and dual-channel support to go up to 64 GB of RAM in total.

ADATA’s DDR4 XPG Hunter SO-DIMMs are based on selected memory chips and high-quality PCBs. Like other high-end memory modules, the XPG Hunter SO-DIMMs have XMP 2.0 profiles which simplify the configuration of frequency settings and timings. In addition, to maximize stability, the modules are equipped with heatspreader.

On the market we will see SO-DIMM DDR4-2666 8/16 GB with CL18 18-18 latency and a voltage of 1.2V, but also produced by 3000 MHz with capacities of 8, 16 and 32 GB with timing CL17 19-19, always with operating voltage of 1.2V.

ADATA has not announced the price of these products, but considering the fact that they are not HEDT PC memories, they are unlikely to be particularly expensive.

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