Youtube background, boost, Movie +, vob, iso and more!

Youtube background, boost, Movie +, vob, iso and more!
– Take a look at these tips, tricks, and solution you can use to make your life much easier with your devices whenever problems arrive and complications which you may find difficult to deal with.

Do you want something better than the music or video player that came with your Android? Just by typing «media player»On Google Play you can find several free and paid applications to play music and video on your mobile. Among all that large number of options that you will find, one of the most successful so far is VLC VideoLAN Media Player, of the VideoLabs developer.

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VLC Media Player is a multimedia player for high reputation on Windows and other platforms. In addition to being open source “Open Source” and being free, it is one of the most supported multimedia formats (which plays a large number of multimedia file types: audio and video).

The best media player for Android?

gestos vlc ajustes vlc android vlc preferences

The Android version, from the same developer VideoLabs, is available for download from Google Play For years now and boy, is it an app that is not only worth it but is necessary due to the many possibilities it offers.

Play YouTube in the background and screen off

play with vlc compartir android

For example, thanks to VLC you can play YouTube videos in the background or just listen to the audio of the videos. For this, when sharing the YouTube video you will have the option Play with VLC. The video will be played there and if you want you can activate the “Play audio only” option to be able to minimize the application and continue using other apps or even turn off the screen while listening to YouTube audio or any video in general.

Increase volume more than the maximum allowed

increase maximum volume android

Another useful function of VLC is that you can increase the volume of the cell phone above the maximum allowed, from the preferences of VLC, Video, Boost Audio. You can also go to the VLC equalizer and slide the horizontal “Preamp” control all the way to the right to increase the audio volume.

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Transmit Movie Plus to TV

ver movie plus on tv

VLC can also play network or streaming content. For example, I needed to install VLC on my Android TV (Xiaomi Mi Box S) to be able to play movies from the Movie Plus mobile application there, one of the best apps I have found to watch movies and series online. That is, here the VLC app on my Android TV plays the content sent from the Movie + APP on my cell phone.

Obviously, I also have VLC installed on my cell phone, among other things in order to be able to play Movie Plus movies as well as series (instead of using its default player). However, specifically to watch Movie + series and soap operas I have chosen to use the player MX Player Well, I have seen that it is the only one that allows you to advance or rewind these series that apparently are in “.TS” format and not even the default player or VLC allows you to advance or rewind (“non-rewind transmission”), although I must say that instead MX Player is constantly stuck on some chapters, which is not the case with Movie Plus’ default player. It’s complicated.

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Another feature of VLC for Android is that it is capable of playing DVD ISO or VOB files, just like its desktop version, and it also gives the user the ability to add subtitles to a movie.


vlc audio preferences vlc subtitles preferences

Finally, VLC has many advanced functions that other players do not have and that is the reason why you will want to use it several times to play videos and even music: variation of the playback speed from music to video, off timer to stop playing music or video, equalizer, playback of files on the network, gesture control, adjustment of the video size on the screen or «aspect-ratio» (both in portrait and landscape mode), reproduction only of the audio in a video, organization of the files by album, artist , widget to control audio, control audio from headphones or earphones and automatic playback or stop when connecting or disconnecting these.

video settings vlc preferences advanced vlc preferences

Best MP3 Music Player for Android (Apps)

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How to play your videos with screen OFF, locked or in the background

Control the volume, multimedia playback and PC programs easily with this APP

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