Zuckerberg’s company chews on the giant’s staff. In reaction, Apple is paying its employees a dime

Zuckerberg's company chews on the giant's staff.  In reaction, Apple is paying its employees a dime

Already in October, we heard voices that Meta, previously known as Facebook, intends to hire up to 10,000 engineers to create a metaverse. Apparently, Meta has already stolen about a hundred engineers from iPhone manufacturers and now Apple is paying a fortune to its employees to keep them with it.

Zuckerberg’s company steals Apple employees. Such competition meant that Apple began to take even better care of its employees

Apple, in order to take care of its workforce, decided to create special contracts that, on the one hand, provide employees with a share of shares (worth between $ 50,000 and $ 180,000), and on the other hand, attach them for years. These contracts have already begun to selectively target the best hardware, software, logic and even operational groups engineers. However, not everyone can count on it, because at the moment Apple has submitted its proposals to about 20% of its greatest talents.

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This, however, may not be enough, because according to Bloomberg, working conditions at Meta are friendlier even in terms of not forcing employees to be in the office for practically the entire week. Apparently, remote work has found a lot of supporters, which Zuckerberg’s company understands perfectly well, with generally better working principles. This competition is taking a toll on Apple, which is now easing its labor policy and even offering a $ 1,000 subsidy to buy home appliances needed for work.