Bitcoin keeps rising. Bitcoin was worth 8,100 euros last Tuesday. More than 500 euros has now been added! Slowly but surely the value of bitcoin creeps towards the psychological limit of 10,000 dollars (8,840 euros). And that can give a big boost for bitcoin. 19 days to the All Time […]

The US Senate Banking and Business Committee has scheduled a Facebook hearing. Representatives of the social media company will have to explain details of the Libra crypt. The hearing is titled “Examining the proposed digital currency considerations and confidentiality of Facebook data”. Congressional members have made more calls to examine […]

One of the world’s largest audit firms, PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC) has announced a new solution to help companies control their crypto-active activities. The service is included in PwC Halo’s suite of tools. The auditor states that this new instrument can provide proof of ownership of cryptomonas. Such tools have already contributed […]

Haseeb Qureshi, an analyst, and general partner at MetaStable Capital, believes that the real purpose of cryptocurrencies is not to replace existing institutions but to become new, more efficient institutions that operate on the basis of decentralization. The mission of cryptocurrency is to live up to the promise of creating […]