Mining GTX 1660, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super: Overclocking, settings, consumption

Mining with GTX 1660, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super.  Overclocking, settings, consumption, profitability, comparisons

Mining with GTX 1660, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super. Overclocking, settings, consumption, profitability, comparisons – If you are interested in finding more on how this Graphic card will perform then this article will provide all such information and more.

We decided to combine articles on all three cards of the GeForce 16 series, since the cards are very similar to each other, and they have a common approach to tuning and overclocking. But we hasten to reassure you, you will see the exact characteristics of overclocking, consumption and profitability separately for each model in the series. In particular, we will analyze mining for 1660, 1660 Ti, 1660 Super. Let’s compare them with each other.

First of all, ether mining is interesting. Let’s see the capabilities of video cards in mining ether and other coins on different algorithms, study the overclocking potential of the cards and how much can be added to profitability, overclock the cards and optimize power consumption.

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Characteristics of GeForce 16 graphics cards

First of all, let’s look at the comparative characteristics between these video cards in the reference design, i.e. since they were released by Nvidia, without the intervention of third-party vendors.

SpecificationsGTX 1660GTX 1660 YouGTX 1660 Super
Graphics Card   
Release Date:Mar 14th, 2019  
Generation:GeForce 16GeForce 16GeForce 16
Graphics Processor   
GPU Name:TU116TU116TU116
Clock Speeds   
Base Clock1530 MHz1500 MHz1530 MHz
Boost Clock1785 MHz1770 MHz1785 MHz
Memory Clock2001 MHz
8 Gbps effective
1500 MHz
12 Gbps effective
1750 MHz
14 Gbps effective
Memory Size6 GB6 GB6 GB
Memory Bus192 bit192 bit192 bit
Bandwidth192.1 GB/s288.0 GB/s336.0 GB/s
Board Design   
TDP120 W120 W125 W
Suggested PSU300 W300 W300 W
Power Connectors1x 8-pin1x 8-pin1x 8-pin
Comparison Chart 1660 vs 1060 Ti vs 1660 Super

We see that the 1660 lags far behind the older models of this line, the 1660 Super and 1660 Ti. Both in memory and in core frequency. This will have an impact on the outcome. Since we are most worried about the results of mining ether on 1660, 1660 Ti and 1660 Super, and for it the bandwidth and memory frequency play a key role, in this coin the 1660 Super will show itself much more interesting than the lower modifications.

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Profitability of video cards 1660, 1660 TI, 1660 Super

Let’s consider the profitability of these cards on various algorithms, since ether will probably leave the mining of video cards in the next year, what can we switch our capacities to?

 GTX 1660 GTX 1660 Ti GTX 1660 Super 
Ethash23.00 Mh / s80.00W28.00 Mh / s80.00W29.00 Mh / s90.00W
Ethash4G23.00 Mh / s80.00W28.00 Mh / s80.00W29.00 Mh / s90.00W
Zhash37.00 h/s90.00W39.00 h/s90.00W33.00 h/s90.00W
CNHeavy700.00 h/s90.00W650.00 h/s90.00W650.00 h/s90.00W
CNGPU1250.00 h/s90.00W1500.00 h/s80.00W1150.00 h/s90.00W
CryptoNightR520.00 h/s90.00W500.00 h/s80.00W00.00W
CNFast1100.00 h/s90.00W1100.00 h/s90.00W1100.00 h/s90.00W
Aion150.00 h/s100.00W160.00 h/s100.00W150.00 h/s90.00W
CuckooCycle3.80 h/s90.00W4.60 h/s90.00W4.30 h/s90.00W
Cuckaroo (d) 294.40 h/s90.00W5.10 h/s90.00W4.30 h/s90.00W
Cuckarooz292.30 h/s90.00W2.70 h/s90.00W00.00W
Cuckatoo310.00 h/s0.00W0.00 h/s0.00W00.00W
Cuckatoo320.22 h/s90.00W0.22 h/s90.00W0.22 h/s90.00W
Beam14.40 h/s90.00W15.20 h/s90.00W14.10 h/s90.00W
RandomX530.00 h/s90.00W580.00 h/s90.00W530.00 h/s90.00W
NeoScrypt550.00 kh / s90.00W1050.00 kh / s90.00W000.00W
Octopus19.90 Mh / s80.00W24.70 Mh / s100.00W22.40 Mh / s100.00W
EquihashZero22.90 h/s90.00W22.80 h/s90.00W19.50 h/s90.00W
ZelHash24.50 h/s90.00W24.70 h/s90.00W22.00 h/s90.00W
KawPow10.70 Mh / s90.00W13.30 Mh / s90.00W10.70 Mh / s90.00W
ProgPow10.70 Mh / s90.00W13.30 Mh / s90.00W11.30 Mh / s100.00W
X25X3.10 Mh / s90.00W3.30 Mh / s90.00W2.90 Mh / s90.00W
MTP2.00 Mh / s100.00W2.00 Mh / s100.00W1.70 Mh / s90.00W
Verthash0.38 Mh / s80.00W0.39 Mh / s80.00W0.43 Mh / s90.00W
Difference between 1660 vs 1060 Ti vs 1660 Super

Acceleration 1660, 1660 Super, 1660 Ti

When overclocking video cards, pay attention to the video memory manufacturer. If you have a samsung, you can raise the hash rate by 2-3 Mh / s more than in micron or hynix memory. The memory from sumsung will be able to take much higher frequencies and work stably.

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1660 Overclocking Metrics for Ethereum Mining (ETH)

The card in stock produces 20.3 Mh / s on the air, while the power consumption is 95 watts.

To overclock the card, you need to raise the memory frequency by 900 MHz, and turn on the power supply to 70%. If it is not stable, the power supply can be raised to 75%. You can also lower the core frequency by 200-500Mhz, this moment needs to be tested depending on memory overclocking and consumption limit.

After overclocking, 1660 produces 4 Mh / s more.

1660 Ti Overclocking Metrics for Ethereum Mining (ETH)

At factory settings, 1660 TI outputs 23 Mh / s with a consumption of 95 watts.

When overclocking the 1660 Ti for ether mining, raise the memory to the same 900 Mhz, and set the power limit to 75%.

After overclocking, the 1660 TI produces 27-28Mh / s, consuming 110-115 watts.

1660 Super Overclocking Metrics for Ethereum Mining (ETH)

-502 core, 75 PL, +1300 from memory. Presses 32mx on kefir. Temperature 48, valves 70%

At factory settings, the 1660 Super delivers 28 Mh / s with a consumption of 95 watts.

When overclocking 1660 Super for ether mining, raise the memory by 900-1300 Mhz, reduce the core frequency by 200-500 MHz and set the power limit to 70-75%.

After overclocking, the 1660 Super produces 32-34Mh / s, consuming 90-100 watts.


Most Profitable and Reliable GTX 1660 Ether Mining Pool

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